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How to tune my router's advanced Wi-Fi settings?

Below is a list with recommendations for tuning Wireless router settings for best performance in normal small home/office network environments.

Airtime Fairness - disable, it causes connectivity issues with various wireless printers and other devices.

MU-MIMO (Multi-User MIMO) - It has some benefit to multicast traffic in Qualcomm routers only, better disabled for Broadcom routers. It only works with multiple clients that support it. It works for Qualcomm-based routers (QCA9984 chipset, Netgear 7800, Synology RT2600AC, Asus BRT AC828) and Qualcomm/Intel clients. For Broadcom based routers (as most other Asus routers, etc.) MU-MIMO support is not very mature and is likely to lead to worse performance.

Explicit Beamforming - disable, non-standard and may cause compatibility issues with some clients

Turbo QAM - disable - only helps with very few clients that support it.

Universal Beamforming - disable, non-standard, might cause compatibility issues with some clients

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