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How to increase IRP Stack Size to improve network performance?

With high-speed network transfers, SMBs, remote ICSI and Virtual machines, it is possible to sometimes encounter an error stating: "IRPStackSize is too small" or "Not enough server storage is available to process this command."

This error is not related to disk space, rather to the amount of allocated memory for transporting files, or any other sort of I/O operations within the system. It is related to the amount of stack locations allocated to the Input/Output Request Packet (IRP) stack in Windows operating systems. Increasing the value can help in local networking and high-speed network transfers as well.

The IRPStackSize registry setting works with Windows XP, 2000, up to 2012 Server and possibly Windows 8/10, even though it is no longer present in the Microsoft documentation for newer OS variants.

To change the IRP Stack Size:

1) Open the Windows Registry (start regedit as administrator)

2) Navigate to:


3) Create a new 32-bit DWORD named: IRPStackSize

4) Assign the decimal value 32.
Recommended value: 32
Default value(when not present in registry): 15
Possible range: 1-50
Possible issues: 33+

5) Reboot the system for the new value to take effect.

See Also: MSKB 3101545

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