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Belkin F5D5230

4 Port Cable/DSL Gateway Router
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Date: 2003-01-07 10:51
Author: Ken
Category: Broadband Routers
Manufacturer: Belkin
Product/Model: F5D5230 4 Port Cable/DSL Gateway Router
Online Price: $74.99 @


Belkin, a name that I have always associated with quality cables, produces other computer related products, including a 4-port cable/DSL router that we will be taking a look at. Standing vertical, with a contempory look, it is a far cry from the traditional flat rectangle style. Quite a desktop space saver even when coupled with a Belkin Network Switch by means of a unique docking ring. It can also be wall mounted with an adaptor that is available from Belkin. Share your internet connection with up to 4 computers, share your files and peripherals, protect your entire network against unauthorized access and allow access to your network from remote locations with VPN. The Belkin Router is advertised to be able to accomplish these tasks and carries a Lifetime Warranty and Free Technical Support. Compatible with Windows® 98, Windows® 2000, Windows® Me, Windows® XP and Mac OS up to Mac OS X and AppleTalk.



  • 4-Port Cable/DSL Gateway Router
  • Plastic Foot
  • Power Supply
  • CD-ROM
  • User Guide



  • Enables you to share your broadband Internet connection
  • Lets you exchange data quickly between connected PCs and notebooks, share printers and other peripherals, and communicate via e-mail
  • Auto-sensing to offer future scalability of 10Base-T networks into 100Base-T Networks
  • Uplink port that lets you add computers to your network
  • Dedicated bandwidth for each port so you can enjoy an efficient and error-free network
  • Compliance with Ethernet IEEE 802.3 and 802.3u standards
  • LED indicators for monitoring network traffic
  • Plug-and-Play compatibility



  • Network Standards: IEEE 802.3 10Base-T Ethernet (WAN) IEEE 802.3u 100Base-Tx Fast Ethernet (LAN) Protocols: CSMA/CD, TCP, IP, UDP, PPPoE, and DHCP (client and server)
  • Unlimited Multicast MAC Addresses Max Frame Size: 1522 Bytes Buffer Memory: 1Mb Speed Per Port: 10 or 100 (Mbps in Half Duplex) 20 or 200 (Mbps in Full Duplex) Cabling: 10Base-T: Category 3 or better 100Base-T: Cat 5 or better
  • Ports: 4- 10/100Base-T auto-sensing RJ45 port, one shared uplink RJ45, LAN 1- 10Base-T RJ45 port, WAN LED Indicators: LAN Link, LAN Activity, WAN Activity, and Power MAC Addresses: 1024 Unicast MAC Addresses Limits
  • Certification: FCC Class B, CE Mark, C Tick


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  User Reviews/Comments:
by davisre - 2006-06-05 20:07
I just bought this router as a trial run before installing in my wife's small business. We were most interested in the greater range and hopefully immunity to drop outs while walking from room to room with her X41 tablet. It does seem to meet that goal, since the signal is much stronger than my previously installed router, a Netgear WGT624, throughout the house. However, I ran into one problem that you should know about. It does not seem to implement VPN correctly. I need to use (and had been using) the AT&T Network Client to tunnel into my firewalled intranet at work. I wasn't able to get the Belkin to work.
Right now as a temp solution, I am playing around with daisy-chaining the two together, with the Netgear attached to the Cable Modem, and the Belkin connected to it. The default IP for the Belkin being and the default for the Netgear, made that a no-brainer!
And it nominally works, I can surf from the farthest reaches of the house on the Belkin, and for work switch to the Netgear. However, my daughter , who spends long hours on the internet, complains that it periodically drops connection. She is hardwired to port one on the Netgear. Maybe the backdoor traffic from the Belkin is tying things up.
I have notes in to Belkin support to see if they can resolve the VPN problem, and maybe I will just go with a single router connection. By the way, I do have the latest version hardware and firmware. V2.
by Massdeth - 2010-04-29 00:44
While it does work and will transmit signal, it does frequently drop connection to the Cable modem very regularly. We have 3 computers hooked to it, all hard wired with nothing else between like switches or hubs etc... and it just can t hold a connection. We have tried all kinds of settings and talked to Belkin also tryin to fix the problem, but neither were succesful. Definetly do not buy this product!! It will drive you crazy!!! We actually ended up buying a Netgear which worked great for a couple years and one of the ports blew on it so we actually had to go back to this thing and use it as a switch...which it works fine for that purpose!!! lol... hope this helps the people on the fence out there. \m/
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