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SG Premium Accounts - Services offered.

In addition to our free membership, a SG Premium account provides a great value on a supplementary suite of services, outlined below.

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Advanced Security Scan

A constantly updated and enhanced security portscan that detects most current trojans, backdoors and worms. This is an enhanced version of our free portscan that includes many additional tests for an in-depth detailed security analysis of your system.

The SG Advanced Security Audit provides a remote, specialized, objective assessment of your organization's security vulnerabilities. Replace the tedious, inconsistent results of manual testing with a professional, comprehensive tool that can perform real-world attacks and analysis on your network resources, drill down to security risks in your network architecture, and produce test results that point to exactly what can be exploited by intruders.

Benefits of using the SG Advanced Security Scan:
  • simple online security scans, anytime, anyplace
  • no special hardware/software needed
  • very affordable
  • fully automated
  • detailled description of problems and solutions
  • thousands of security checks
  • checks are permanently kept up to date

In addition to the enhanced Security Scan, Premium membership allows for:
  • scanning IPs other than your own (provided you have the right to scan them).
  • scanning a custom port of a range of ports.
  • choosing protocols to scan for the above custom ports.
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Ad Free site and forums

SG premium members get the benefit of NO advertisements of any type while browsing the site and our forums. No more slow-loading banners and intrusive advertisements, just fast loading streamlined design, as it was meant to look.

SG site support

Last but not least: by subscribing you will also help us maintain and further develop this site, as well as our free programs and tools for the benefit of all broadband users. If you like what you see, if you find our tools useful and want to support us, sign up for a premium account.

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Important Note:
In order to sign up for a SG Premium account, you have to become a FREE SG Member first. It takes only a minute, it's completely free and enables many additional site features. We do not sell or abuse any personally identifiable information, and we value your privacy. Links to our Privacy policy and Terms of Use are always available in the bottom right corner of all pages throughout the site.

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