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search advanced Awards and Recognition is a popular source of information on improving PC performance. The Website provides both the novice and the technically advanced reader with better understanding and tools for optimizing their system. A large portion of the site's content is dedicated to Cable Modems and DSL technology, stressing on improving TCP/IP performance over high speed/latency networks. featured in Mega-Sites

In addition to numerous magazine articles, has been featured in some Mega-Sites related to broadband technology and PCs in general. Here are a few notable additions:

Microsoft TechNet is one of the few sites linked by Microsoft TechNet in in their "Windows Technology Center" as a security resource, in the MSDN Internet Bandwidth Technologies, and as a Windows resource.

Microm Computers is being linked to by Microm Computers and Multimedia Cablevision on one of their websites:

Time Warner is being recommended by Time Warner's Road Runner sites in a few cities around the U.S. Here are direct links to a couple of their pages:
Road Runner - Houston
Road Runner - San Antonio related News Articles and Awards has received numerous awards and has been recognized by some of the top Online and Print News and Information sources, such as Business Week, PC Magazine, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Maximum PC, TechTV and many more. Following is a list to some of these articles, as well as some awards we find of significance.


March 2011 - Brothersoft Editor's Pick

The SG TCP Optimizer has been selected as one of Brothersoft's "Editor's Pick". Brothersoft is one of the biggest shareware/freeware sites, with its english site serving over 21 Million unique visitors mothly.



December 2009 - CHIP Magazine's TuneUp Utilities of 2009

CHIP Magazine is one of Germany's oldest and largest computer magazines since 1978, also published in 15 European and Asian countries. In addition to being featured in the magazine, the TCP Optimizer was included in CHIP online downloads, their CD, and listed as one of 10 essential TuneUp utilities for 2009.


August 2008 - The New York Times

The SpeedGuide TCP Optimizer was mentioned as one of the essential tools for speeding up your internet connection.
Link: How to Travel at a Million Files a Minute


April 2007 - Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Awards

Two valuable long-term members of the SG Community have just received the 2007 Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Award for their "extraordinary efforts in sharing their expertise in Networking technical communities":
Congratulations YeOldeStonecat(Brian) and mccoffee (Ray)
"The Microsoft MVP Award recognizes exceptional technical community leaders from around the world who voluntarily share their high quality, real world expertise with others. Microsoft MVPs are a highly select group of experts representing technology's best and brightest who share a deep commitment to community and a willingness to help others. Worldwide, there are over 100 million participants in technical communities; of these participants, there are fewer than 3,500 active Microsoft MVPs."
Well deserved recognition, thanks for being a valuable part of SG as well! Norm and TonyT have received renewal notices about their MVP awards as well.
Information about the award: Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award


January 2006 - Softpedia "100% Free" Award

Softpedia "100% Free" Award - Softpedia guarantees that TCP Optimizer 2.0.3 is 100% FREE, which means it is a freeware product (both for personal and commercial use) that does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors... It has been downloaded over20,000 times from their site as well.


February 2005

Tech Support Alert awards the SG TCP Optimizer as one of the Best-ever freeware utilities. It is listed as the best "TCP Settings tweaker."


January 2005 - Yahoo! News' Tech Tuesday

The Need For Speed - a Michael Desmond PC Speed Secial on Yahoo! News' Tech Tuesday (and PC World) lists as the place to tune your internet connection.


April 2004 - Members of our forums awarded MVP by Microsoft

Norm Steadman and Tony Turrisi have both been valuable members of our forums for a few years, helping users and answering technical questions. They have both been recognized for their hard work and given the MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award directly from Microsoft for their efforts ! Congratulations guys !
Information about the program: Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program


March 9th, 2004

Sarah Lane at TechTV explains how to use and recommends the SG TCP Optimizer and the SG TCP Analyzer. Here is a link to the online version:Download of the Day: TCP Optimizer. You can also watch the video here: Download Video


October 2003 - XV-th International Computer Art forum "Computer Space 2003" won first place in the "Information and Media" category at this European International competition sponsored by UNESCO, Saga Networks, etc. Our design won over a number of large corporate and well funded websites. Here is a link to them: Computer Space


July 2003

In response to the May 2003 PC World article that mentions, a PC World reader Thomas T. McGranahan Sr. writes:
"On April 1 (an auspicious date), I activated my cable modem. My installer noted that I had half, or less, of the expected bandwidth. I spent the next several days e-mailing my PC vendor and trying various fixes and downloads, to no avail. Then PC World [May] arrived. In "Cheap Tweaks," an item suggested analyzing the TCP/IP setting through, and if needed, downloading and optimizing the setting with the site's optimizer. I followed the advice and achieved a bandwidth of over 500 kbps. Thanks to PC World I went from severe aggravation to elation in about 15 minutes."

Here is a direct link to the "Letters to PC World" section:


May 2003

Robert Luhn recommends in the May printed issue of PC World Magazine, in his "Cheap Tweaks" Article:


May 30th, 2002

We were mentioned in the Langa List again, with a link to our IE web tweak...


April 8th, 2002

Martin Sargent at TechTVpronounced "Site of the Night" on "The Screen Savers". Here is a quote:
"The site's devoted entirely to making your computer run faster, focusing on optimizing your broadband connection, overclocking your processor, and tweaking Windows for optimum performance. But it specializes in broadband topics."


October 2001

Brad Grimes recommends SG in the October printed issue of PC World Magazine, in his article "Web Savvy: One Web Freebie That Could Pay Off Big" :


November 2000

SpeedGuide was recommended in a PC Magazine article named "Getting ADSL" by contributing editor Sal Riccardi.,8224,2643484-3,00.html


November 2000

SpeedGuide was mentioned on TechTV, here's a link:


August 2000

SpeedGuide was mentioned in PCWorld Magazine again, as a resource for cable modem tweaks in the article: "Cable Modem, A Good Second Choice" (August printed issue, p. 147)


July 2000

An InfoWorld magazine article by Window Manager Brian Livingston explains and endorses some of the tweaks found on


June 7th, 2000

Scot Finnie at has mentioned, we've made the "Link of the Week" in their weekly Broadband Report.


April 14th, 2000

An article titled "Speed Traps for Cable Modems" by Mike Musgrove mentioned and quoted Tom Blakely, although they misspelled his name...
The Article in The Washington Post


April 2000

Kate Botello at ZDTV mentioned and recommended our broadband tweaks and patches. Here are a couple of links to the online version,3656,2471798,00.html,3656,2504671,00.html


March 16th, 2000

Maximum PC Magazine has named "Righteous Web site" in April's printed issue (p. 75). They even added our logo and a couple of paragraphs recommending our broadband tweaks and Forums. Thanks guys.


February 24th, 2000
Washington Post dedicated 4 paragraphs on in Mike Musgrove's article "WORKING THE WEB; GETTING NET USERS UP TO SPEED; SITES FEATURE A WEALTH OF ADVICE, EXPERIENCE ON DSL, CABLE"


January 24th, 2000 was linked to in "Cruising the Net - in Hyperdrive", a Business Week article by Kate Murphy.


January 14th, 2000

"Broadband Blues", an article in the February 2000 issue of PC World Magazine by Eric Brown lists as a valuable online resource.


November 19th, 1999

"Bionic Browsing", an article in PC Magazine by Alan Cohen lists as one of the best resources for tweaking your Cable Modem or DSL connection.


November 15th, 1999

Maximum PC Network, the European counterpart of Maximum PC has chosen as "Site of the Day".


November 13th, 1999

Two Lockergnome newsletters have featured as a "GnomeFAVORITE".


November 1st, 1999 was listed as one of the best Cable Modem and DSL resources in the November issue of Maximum PC Magazine.


August 30th, 1999

WINMD.COM 1999 Editor's Choice Award


August 12th, 1999 was featured in Fred Langa's Newsletter. Fred Langa is a VP/Editorial Director at WINDOWS Magazine, Editor in Chief of Byte Magazine, with his work reaching over 2 million readers.

Here's a direct link for 10/12/1999:
nother mention on 11/13/2000:


May 10th, 1999

An article on Cable Modems in the June 1999 issue of PC Magazine links to
"Cable Modems: Nice Net if You Can Get It" by Contributing Editor Steve Bass, the President of the Pasadena User Group
Note: The link is to our old server at


April 30, 1999

SpeedGuide was recognized by an article on (SCI-TECH > Computing Section). The link is to our old server, we moved the Website on May 5th. The article is archived here: Look for "How to Tweak a Cable Modem" in related sites).


Please feel free to contact us, or join the Discussion Board with any questions, suggestions, and comments about the site.

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