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About SpeedGuide is one of the leading Broadband related sites on the Net, as well as a popular source of information on improving PC performance. The website provides both the novice and the technically advanced reader with better understanding and tools for optimizing their system. A large portion of the site's content is dedicated to Cable Modems and DSL technology, stressing on improving TCP/IP performance over high speed/latency networks. We can't claim we always have the best tweaks for every Internet connection, but you can rest assured all our content is based on extensive research, and we listen to our users, testing and constantly striving to improve the site with relevant information.

The site was originally launched in early 1998, as one of the few resources on tweaking Broadband Internet Connections. Our original content on tweaking Windows for achieving higher broadband throughput has spread over the Net and some of it can be found in different forms on hundreds of sites today. The domain was registered on May 5th 1999. The site is now running on colocated servers currently hosted in Jacksonville, FL, at a 65,000 SF carrier hotel hosting 15+ major telecommunication and Internet companies. The site is powered by Linux/Apache with a custom PHP/MySQL backend.

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Tom Blakely (Bouncer)
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Thanks (former editors and moderators): John Stoltenborg, John Johnes (Downhill), Kip Patterson
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Awards and Recognition has received numerous awards and has been recognized by some of the top On-line News and Information sources, such as Business Week, Tech TV, PC Magazine, CNN, Washington Post, Maximum PC and many more. For a full listing, Check our Awards page.

Review Inquiries
If your company manufactures network related software or hardware, such as Firewalls, NAT software or routers, switches, Wi-Fi, or any network/broadband related equipment and you are interested in an independent review on, contact .
Reviews on can increase your product exposure by being presented to Millions of broadband internet users.

Licensing Content
All content of, (unless otherwise noted) is Copyright Speed Guide, Inc. We do not normally license original content from these pages for commercial use, however, we are willing to contribute to the Internet community and will consider it on a personal basis. Please if you need additional information. We grant permissions to (re)distribute our free software, provided we're given proper credit as the author and they're not sold for profit.

Please feel free to , or join the Discussion Board with any questions, suggestions, and comments about the site.

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