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About the SG MAC Address lookup tool

The MAC Adderss OUI search helps identify unknown devices on your local network by simply typing their MAC address (or its OUI prefix), commonly listed by your NAT/Wireless router. It can be useful in identifying network adapter manufacturers, IoT devices, wireless clients, etc.

MAC address (media access control address) is a hardware identification number that uniquely identifies each device on a network, hard-coded by the manufacturer. It is typically a string of six sets of two-digits or hex characters, separated by colons, for example: 00:40:96:AA:BB:CC . The first three octets of a MAC address are referred to as the OUI (Organizationally Unique Identifier). The OUI uniquely identifies the manufacturer, vendor, or other orgranization that makes your networked device. OUIs are assigned to vendors by the IEEE.

MAC OUI Search
MAC / OUI or Company

The form accepts MAC address, OUI prefix, or company name.
MAC addresses are different than IP addresses, for IP info check our IP Address Locator
MAC address is sometimes referred to as BIA (burned-in address), or a physical address.
Even though MAC addresses are burned in, they can still be spoofed.
OUI Database last updated 2020-10-14

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