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TCP Optimizer Help

We have different versions of the SG TCP Optimizer Documentation available for the different Windows versions from 9x to Windows 8, 2012 Server, and Windows 10.

The SG TCP Optimizer program is designed to easily apply most of the internet connection speed tweaks on this site using the Windows Registry, netsh commands, and PowerShell cmdlets (with version 4). When running the software under different versions of Windows, some of the settings may differ. Because of that, we've separated the documentation into a couple of articles summarizing the settings available in the program under the different Windows versions.

Please refer to the documentation that pertains to your particular Windows flavor. The different versions of the TCP Optimizer documentation, as well as revision history are available here:



TCP Optimizer Documentaiton

TCP Optimizer 4 Documentaton - use for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 2008 Server, 2012 Server (R2), 2019 Server

TCP Optimizer versions 2 & 3 Documentaton - use this for For Windows 9x, XP, 2003. TCP Optimizer 3.x works with Windows 7 as well.

TCP Optimizer Revision History - latest updates and changes.

TCP Optimizer End User License Agreement (EULA)



The Help Menu of The Optimizer contains a link to this help page.


See Also:
TCP Optimizer FAQ - help with answers to frequently asked questions.



Last updated 2017-04-20

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