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Thank you for your interest in linking to us. has established itself as one of the main broadband indformaion resources on the net, and we welcome and appreciate all links to our site. Feel free to use any of the images below to link to us as well.

Text links
You can use the code below (or something similar) to link to We prefer you link to our main page.

Image Links
Feel free to use any of the IAB standard images below to link to us. You are granted the use of these images only to link to or refer to, any other use is in violation of US and International Copyright Laws.

Note: We prefer if you copy the images to your own server and link them to our main page

sglogo7.png - SG logo in PNG format on white background

sglogo7_tr.png - SG logo with alpha transparency

sglogo7_2018_160x60.png - SG 160x60 small format logo

sglogo7_2018_600x150.png - SG logo 600x150

sglogo7_2018.png - SG large format logo, transparent background

SG standard IAB banners


Sharing Text Links
If you are a webmaster of an established site with related content to, we will gladly share links with your site. Please link to us, then contact the webmaster with the location of the link to us, as well your URL, short site description, and where you'd like to see it on our site.
Note: We reserve the right to reject any links and banners we find irrelevant, offensive, or for any other reason at our sole discretion.

Sharing Buttons with
To share banners or buttons with, your site must generate considerable traffic and be well established. Also, your site must be related in content to

Please provide us with the banner ( up to 15Kb GIF or JPG file ) or button ( up to 10Kb image ) of your site, as well as the HTML tags or URL you'd like placed on You can also ask for a specific placement of the image, however we can't guarantee that it will be available. For your link to, use one of the images provided above.

Please feel free to contact us, or join the Discussion Board with any questions, suggestions, and comments about the site.

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