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SG Security Scan

About the SG Security Scan
The SG Security Audit is a comprehensive remote port scanner that audits a number of commonly used ports on your system in order to detect potenital security vulnerabilities. Many of those ports are used by servers, sharing services, trojans/backdoors, worms, as well as crackers trying to break into your system, or obtain information about it. The SG Security Scanner performs real-world attacks and analysis, providing information about the ports it finds open (if any), in order to help secure and better understand the potenital vulnerabilities of your network.

For a complete list of known ports and associated services, vulnerabilities, application use and more, see our comprehensive SG Ports Database.

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Disclaimer / Privacy
Clicking the "Start" button below will initiate a security portscan on Please make sure that is your system's IP address (or you have the right to scan it), and don't blame us if your firewall reports intrusion attempts while we're scanning your computer - you're requesting the security audit ! Personally identifiable information obtained from the security scan will never be voluntarily given away to anyone except the properly registered owner of the machine/domain/ip address that is scanned. Use of this Security scanner constitutes acceptance of the Speed Guide, Inc. Terms of Service, which are incorporated here by reference.

Click the START button below to audit your system for known security vulnerabilities. For a list of currently scanned ports, click - here -.

Optional Single Port Scan parameters:
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Important: Login (or register free) for a more detailed security scan. If you already have a SG account, please login prior to initiating the portscan in order to use a more extensive version of this tool.

6,405,278 systems tested since 03.25.2003.

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