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Nexland ISB-SOHO

A Cable/DSL Router with built-in 4-port 10/100MBps switch, improved WAN bandwidth, as well as comprehensive list of user-configurable features.
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Date: 2001-04-17 10:42
Author: Philip
Category: Nexland
Manufacturer: Nexland
Product/Model: ISB SOHO
List Price: $119


Nexland has been one of the leading manufacturers of Internet connection sharing devices for years. Our first router review in 1999 was the ISB2LAN, a revolutionary piece of hardware for its time. Numerous companies have followed and developed similar broadband routers, each with its own advantages and faults. I'm glad to introduce Nexland's new line of products, with updated functionality, improved specifications and additional features that definitely put the company on the bleeding edge of the Internet Sharing market once again.

The ISB-SOHO, as well as most other routers in this category is a NAT (Network Address Translation) solution, acting as a server to your internal LAN (Local Area Network), providing internal IP addresses in the 192.168 range, as well as Internet access, with a great deal of flexibility. Nexland's new ISB line of products includes Pro series routers as well, with SNMP, Multi-session IPSec/PPTP tunnels, console connection, configuration backup and other advanced features. However, for the average home user the ISB-SOHO we review here will more than adequate and a great buy for its price.


Package Contents

  • The ISB-SOHO Cable/DSL Router
  • Printed Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • CD with Manual, Browser and Utilities
  • Power Adapter (9v DC 1000mA)
  • 1 straight-through CAT5 Network Cable ( 6.5 Ft )

The unit is packed with both Quick Start and a detailed printed manual. The Quick Start Guide will be enough for most users familiar with LAN setup, and the detailed manual will explain all the features of the browser menus, detailed specs and everything you might ever want to know about the unit. The router itself has WAN and LAN LEDs on top for quick diagnostics at a glance, as well as per port LEDs for each of the 4 LAN posrt on the back.



Specifications, Features, and Usage
LAN Ports 10/100 Base-TX Port (RJ45) 4
10/100 Uplink Port (RJ45) No
WAN Port 10 Base-T Cable/DSL WAN Port(RJ-45) 1
LEDs Power/Status/Cable-DSL/per LAN port Each
Functions  Dynamic Domain Name Service Yes
Cable/xDSL Sharing Yes
Network Address Translation Yes
Built-in 10/100 Auto-Sensing Switch Yes
IPSec Yes
DHCP Server Yes
DHCP Client Yes
HTTP Server Yes
Management Web-based Yes
Telnet-based No
Console No
Virtual Server Yes
Exposed Host (DMZ) Yes (1)
Access Control Yes
Software-upgradeable Firmware Yes
Clients' OS Supported Windows (NT, 9x, ME, 2000, WFW), Mac?, Unix?, Netware?
Maximum DHCP Clients Supported 253


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  User Reviews/Comments:
by Mistral - 2006-08-16 00:56
Have the related Pro-400 model for 4 years now; excellent reliable and FAST router. The speed is maintained even when all four ports are processing lots of data simultaniously.

But where to buy now in 2006 is the question.
by Ronny - 2008-05-02 11:45
I have this router.. But every 5 minutes i have to press its reset button because internet doesn't work anymore
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