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Thank you for your interest in helping the site ! is financed mostly by banner advertising revenue, and personally by the editor. Running and maintaining a fairly large site does not come cheap, there are server colocation hosting fees (hundreds of GB of traffic per month), some periodic server changes and programing services, etc. If we also consider the time it takes to maintain and update the site, program the custom backend, code/support/update our free online and downloadable programs, the research and time invested in writing articles, faqs, news, reviews, moderating the forums, and in general all the valuable services this site provides, all this is clearly supported by our own enthusiasm and desire to share information, rather than a sound business model. Still, is not only a full time job for the editor, but it also relies heavily on the help of our editors, forum moderators and users in many aspects, from writing articles and posting news to answering questions in our forums.

Ways to Help

If you find the information on this site useful, there are a number of ways to help By participating and/or supporting the site, you are helping us provide all this information and tools free to all broadband users that share our passion for getting the best from their internet connection and systems in general.

Premium Membership - rather than donating money, we have a premium membership that provides some valuable services, such as image hosting, ad-free browsing, enhanced security scan and more. Supporting us in this way not only provides some additional functionality for you as a member, but also helps us further develop the site and maintain it as one of the best free broadband information resources on the net. More info

Write articles. Any registered member can submit an article to the site. Contributing user articles, reviews, stories, answers to common questions, or any well-written content can help all our readers. The goal of this site has always been providing valuable informatin to the global broabdand community, and if you think you have something to share we'd be more than happy to publish it. More info

Answer Questions in our forums. Many people register looking for help with their residential broadband connections. Your expertise can be a valuable asset to our community, and broadband users in general.

Link to us from your website - it can help us by bringing direct traffic to the site, and by improving our ranking on search engines like Google. We like to think we'd be able to provide some valuable information to your readers as well. More info

Purchase from our sponsors - if you see products that interest you advertised on the site, use the links/banners here to purchase them. Even if they do not pay us any commissions directly, it is likely referals are being tracked and it can potenially help us by supporting the advertising ecosystem.

Advertise with us - if you work in a technology-related field, and your company has a budget for online advertising, simply mentioning us can lead to a mutually benefitial relationship. More info

Promote the site - blog and use social media to share your experience. Write a reporter, magazine editor, news columnist, or anyone in the media and tell them about your experience with User feedback can provoke interest in the site.

Suggest the site for awards - there are a number of online and print media publications offering some type of favorite picks, or "site of the day/week/month/year" awards... And they are often based on user submitted suggestions.

Merchandize - buy a T-Shirt with the SG logo, or any merch. It helps spread the word about the site, and it is a cool geeky conversation piece.
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Donations - even though we do not actively seek donations, if you appreciate the services we provide, if you feel we've helped you and want to buy us a beer we can accept and appreciate them. All donations will actually be used toward site/software development and server/colocation costs. You can donate to SG via Paypal at , or Bitcoin at 15m4hb1fqqRh7js92qaYDQJP2YHF6jpQFS

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