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Android TCP/IP Speed Tweaks

Tweak Android TCP/IP network properties to boost broadband speed
2017-12-15 (updated: 2019-05-14) by
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To change TCP/IP related settings in Android you need root access. The only exception are a couple of trivial changes that are available to non-rooted devices, namely dynamic vs static IP address, and changing the DNS server. Assuming you are working with an already rooted device, the settings are listed below:

Android TCP/IP tweaks (root required)

In order to change other TCP/IP stack settings, you need to edit the settings in /proc/sys/net/core/ , similar to what is explained in our Linux tweaks article.

The easiest method is by using a File editor app, such as "ES Fuke Explorer". Once you start the app, navigate to: Settings > Root Settings > check "Root Explorer" and "Mount File System". Get to the device's internal storage by navigating to:  /system, open the build.prop file with a text editor (ES Note Editor in this example). The file build.prop holds the majority of runtime flags/variables used when Android boots.

You can try editing the following TCP buffers in build.prop as a start:

# SG TCP Speed Tweaks

Other TCP/IP related settings are listed in the Linux tweaks article linked at the bottom.


You may have to copy the build.prop file somewhere else to edit it, then overwrite it in the original location in root/system/build.prop.
Changes will require a restart. You may have to restart in recovery mode and wipe the cache/dalvik cache for changes to take effect in some cases.
Make sure to edit existing variables, if present rather than duplicating them.
You can test results with the TCP Analyzer.

Other ideas

# Eliminate delay before ringing if phone hesitates when receiving phone calls

# Allow tethering (if blocked on your device)

# Reduce number of Wi-Fi channels if having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi with international phones

# Minimum screen brightness

# Default screem brightness

# Disable sending usage data

Improve Battery

You can add/edit the following lines in build.prop to improve battery life.

# Improve battery under no signal

# Significantly increase battery life by allowing services to sleep when idle. Recommended 1 (other possible values 0, 4)

#Bluetooth OPP low speed to save power

#Wi-Fi scan less frequently to save power

#Free system RAM when needed

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  User Reviews/Comments:
by fiftydinar - 2021-01-09 06:18
I love your guides, but this one is not good. All these build.prop tweaks are either not existing or they don't take effect in newer Android versions. The best way to have optimized TCP settings is to flash custom kernel and choose TCP algorithm in Kernel manager app. I see that it is the old guide, so not a big problem.
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