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Thank you for your interest in advertising with us, we'd be happy to customize an effective campaign to your company's specific needs. Below, you'll find general information to help answer some common questions about advertising on SpeedGuide.

Target Audience attracts technically advanced audience, interested in optimizing computer operating systems and tuning software for achieving the best possible performance and stability. Our main focus is Broadband Internet connection optimization, and the Windows platform. Both novice and advanced users can benefit from the large pool of original unique information on SpeedGuide.

Currently we serve over 6 Million pages monthly to about 1 Million unique users, and the site is growing daily, both in content and audience. was found in 1999, it has been recognized by numerous online and printed news sources, such as Business Week, The Washington Post, Maximum PC, PC Magazine, ZDTV/TechTV, etc. presents an unique opportunity for you to reach a technically aware audience at a competitive price.

Advantages of advertising with us

  • Highly Targeted Audience Reach - Broadband related, Networking, Wireless, Security, PC Hardware/Software Internet advertising campaigns will all have the advantage of reaching technically aware individuals, very likely of buying technology and network related products and services. has established as one of the leading sources of Broadband information on the net. If your target is broadband users, buyers, or the DSL/Broadband industry in general, advertising with us would provide the most concentrated audience for your advertising budget.
  • Enhanced visibility - Most leaderboard banners are placed above the fold (near the top of pages), therefore being the first thing a visitor sees. We can accomodate rich-media/flash ads and can generally work with you on customizing a successful campaign that fits your company's needs.
  • Advertising based on pageviews, not hits which can be misleading. You only pay for the actual number of banners viewed.
  • Low Price - You'll be spending your advertising budget effectively, our targeted CPM rates are among the lowest in the industry.
  • Low saturation, multiple banners - We generally work with our advertisers, advise on lower saturation with any single banner, providing more exposure to unique visitors and increasing the performance of your campaign. We also allow multiple banners and spread ads evenly throughout the campaign period.
  • Advanced Ad Serving - We use state-of-the-art industry standard ad-serving and tracking platforms to allow for precise targetting, limiting exposure of particular ad to any user, tracking of views/performance, equal spread throughout the campaign period, geo-targetting, delivery caps, and many additional features, all designed to maximze reach and campaign performance.
  • Flexible Creatives - We can accomodate various standard IAB display ad units, as well as various media formats, sponsored text links, etc.


Advertising Inquiries


SpeedGuide is exclusively represented by PubGalaxy, specializing in Web and Mobile ad space monetization.

For any advertising-related inquiries, please fill out the form bellow

Remnant Inventory

We also participate in the Google AdSense program for displaying contextual remnant banner inventory throughout the site. This form of advertising does not guarantee placement or volume, however it may work well for testing and lower volume/budget campaigns. To use this alternative, you can sign-up for Google AdWords and simply choose as your target placement.


Advertising Terms and Conditions

We may at any time revise our advertising policies without notice. reserves the right to refuse any advertisement request. Adult, gambling and any advertising found offensive at our sole discretion will not be allowed on the site. All Advertising shall also be subject to the Standard Advertising Terms and Conditions, incorporated herein by reference and can be found here.

Advertising policy & rates effective December 1st, 2023.

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