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How to access the signal levels of my cable modem behind a Wi-Fi router?

It is very useful to know the DOCSIS cable modems signal levels, as detailed in this FAQ: How to access signal levels on my cable modem?

However, it is very common that the default cable modem IP address for statistics is not accessible if you are behind a Wi-Fi Router. We will detail the steps to connect to your cable modem even behind your Wi-Fi below. This assumes some knowledge of networking and IP addresses.

1. Connect to the admin interface of your Wi-Fi router - you will need to know the router IP, admin username/password. It is often at, or you can lookup defaults in our hardware database with nearly 5000 routers/modems.

In the Wi-Fi routers admin interface, navigate to LAN settings, and look for setting up a "static route".

2. Add a static route to the cable modem's diagnostic IP - this is usually located in the "LAN" section of routers' settings.
The "static route" settings you'll need to add are as follows:

IP address: (the IP of the cable modem's stats page, or ISP router admin page)
Gateway: (or the IP of your Wi-Fi router)
Interface: WAN

2a. Alternatively, connect a client device directly to the cable modem - if the above steps don't work for you, or seem too complicated, you can connect a PC/Laptop directly to the cable modem with an Ethernet cable. Note that you'd likely have to reboot the cable modem to recognize the new device connected to it.

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