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How to delete a document from the print queue ?

There is a common issue with Windows when trying to cancel or delete a currently printing document from the print queue. It takes a long time, and sometimes it will get stuck and not delete at all, blocking all subsequent print jobs. In some instances, even taking the printer offline, or rebooting the machine will not clear the printing queue.

To clear the print job, simply follow these directions:

1. Navigate to "Services" under "Administrative Tools" (from either Control Panel, the Start>Programs menu, or right-click on My Computer and choose "Manage")
2. Stop the Print Spooler service
3. Open Windows Explorer (Windows Key+E), and navigate to: C:\Windows\system32\spool\PRINTERS
4. Delete any offending print jobs (.spl file extensions).
5. Start the Print spooler service again.

Note: It is also safe to delete other leftover files with an .spl, .shd, or .tmp extensions from the C:\Windows\system32\spool\PRINTERS folder.

  User Reviews/Comments:
by anonymous - 2009-12-17 16:23
Thanx that really helped
by coldfireacc - 2010-01-02 12:37
quick and easy. worked like a charm
by WOODYBOY - 2010-01-20 17:17
Thanks so much for the cancelling print job in the spool file instructions. It was on target and worked!
by anonymous - 2010-03-05 11:30
That's awesome
by kamran - 2010-04-14 19:01
by Very Thankful - 2010-07-31 20:41
Thanks, worked just like listed.
by Lily - 2010-09-01 09:09
by Johnnny G - 2010-09-09 11:15
Thanks for the help. More than I learned at school.
by anonymous - 2010-12-17 23:10
Outstanding - - - - Thankx
by anonymous - 2011-01-01 18:11
Worked perfectly! Thank you.
by Ron - 2011-01-06 20:33
Mate !

I spent the last 2 hrs going through Microsoft and HP help files to no end.

This took me like 3 mins to do. Worked instantly to resolve me PC printing issue.

Thank-you very much !
by anonymous - 2011-03-21 15:29
You're just awesome. lol Really, just awesome. I'm gonna take this tool and go conquer the world!
by Mark in Virginia - 2011-03-24 17:20
Folks, disregard all of the other sites that you opened to rectify this problem. This is the one you want. It was simple and it worked like a charm. I will save to favorites for any future problems.
by anonymous - 2011-05-04 02:59
Thank the good lord. been resarting. going through forums. shutting things off. task managing out the behind.

Yours worked.
by anonymous - 2011-07-11 11:59
How do I delete the .spl extension file?
by Danny - 2011-08-14 13:32
Thank you! It worked like a charm....
by anonymous - 2012-05-15 18:13
Thanks it worked like a charm!
by anonymous - 2012-08-06 01:19
thank u so much
by anonymous - 2012-08-14 20:50
Worked Great - you rock!!
by anonymous - 2012-09-19 01:45
It was so easy and very efficient!
by anonymous - 2012-11-19 04:31
Thanks !!! That worked for me in a matter of minutes after spending hours trying to figure it out. Awesome !!!!
by gmannix - 2012-12-29 16:50
Thank God for people like you....
by anonymous - 2013-01-28 17:39
It worked! instructions were clear and easy to follow as well. Thank you!
by anonymous - 2013-02-11 13:16
THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! It worked like magic, especially after trying other things like turning off printer, unplugging it, etc.
by anonymous - 2013-02-12 19:34
Another satisfied customer. Thank you!
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