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How to connect a Cable modem to DSL router for wireless ?

Most modern Cable and DSL modems also include NAT router features. It is sometimes useful to repurpose an old DSL router that has WiFi, and connect it as an access point instead. A couple of common examples are the Verizon Wireless Westell Versalink 327w, and the Frontier Wireless Netgear DSL Router.

To set your old Wi-Fi router as a wireless access point, follow the general instructions below:

1. Get the IP of your Wireless DSL router
- connect a client PC to a LAN port on the DSL router with an Ethernet cable
- drop to command prompt and type: ipconfig. Look for the "default gateway", this should be your router's IP. Note the DNS servers as well
Note: You may need to do: ipconfig /renew to get a new IP from the DSL router. Alternatively, look for the IP of your model in our hardware database (your PC needs to be in the same IP block/subnet to connect)

2. Configure your Wireless DSL router
- open a web browser and type your DSL router's IP address to get to the admin/setup interface. The most common IPs are or
- WAN connection type should be changed from "PPPoE" or "DSL" to "Routed". You may want to change port 1 on Westell routers to be used as an Ethernet port instead of WAN (Configuration tab > Advanced WAN > WAN).
- Set it to a static IP in the range of your Cable modem. For example, if your cable modem gives out IPs in the range, set the DSL router/access point to use as a static address. Alternatively, you can set it to "Obtain IP address automatically" from the cable modem (however, it will be a bit harder to find if you need to reconfigure it later).
- DNS server - this should be set to your Cable provider's DNS servers.
- DHCP server - there should be only one DHCP server on the network, either the wireless DSL router, or your cable modem/gateway, but not both.
- configure your DSL router wireless settings (security should be WPA / WPA2 - AES)

3. Connect your Cable modem to a LAN port on your Wireless DSL router
Make sure to use LAN ports only when connecting anything to the DSL router, for either the cable modem, or a client computer. Do not use the WAN port (or reconfigure the WAN port to be used as LAN/Ethernet port, if your model allows it). Note it is possible to use the WAN port on the DSL router, however this type of double NAT is not recommended or necessary.

4. Power-cycle the Cable modem and the Wireless DSL router
Any time you connect a new device with a new MAC address to the cable modem and DSL router, you will likely need to power-cycle them.

For even more specific model instructions, also see our forums.
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