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How to access the web-based configuration for my router or access point?

To access the web-based configuration/administration interface for your router or access point you need to know its IP address, and login username/password.

You can obtain the IP address and login information for your router or access point from its manual, or our broadband hardware database.

Another method to obtain the IP address under Windows Vista/XP/2k is to enter command prompt (Windows button > Run > type: cmd) by typing ipconfig. You will be presented with the current IP address of your computer, as well as the device it is connected to, listed as "gateway". The gateway IP is your router/access point IP address if your computer is connected to it. It is usually in the 192.168.x.x range.

Once you know the router/access point IP address, simply enter it as a web address in your web browser. You do not necessarily need to be connected to the Internet to access your router. Routers/access points have the web administration utility built-in to a ROM chip in the device itself.

Your computer must be on the same IP subnet to connect to the web-based utility.

You usually need to use a Java/Javascript enabled modern web browser.

Not all routers, print servers and access points have a web-based configuration utility. Please check the manual for your particular product.

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