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8. I have a XYZ modem, a ZYX router and a NNN ISP, will it work for that ?

Chances are it will work. The TCP Optimizer works with all types of Internet connections, it modifies some networking buffers and is not generally related to the hardware used, or your ISP. The program does provide diferent optimal settings for different types of Internet connections, varying from dialup to DSL/Cable modems, however you can benefit even if your Internet connection speed is not listed specifically (just use the closest match).

In addition, the Optimizer can serve as a tool for custom tweaking (using the tips and tweaks information provided on this site), latency testing, MTU measurement, etc.

  User Reviews/Comments:
by anonymous - 2012-05-06 13:54
I've installed a new modem. The Network Adapter Selection window in TCP Optimizer still lists only my old modem (with a USB connection), not my new modem (with an ethernet connection). Will this affect the ability of the TCP Optimizer to optimize my internet connection?
by Philip - 2012-05-08 10:48
Most ot the TCP Optimizer settings are not adapter/modem specific, so yes, the program will still optimize your connection. The one modem-specific setting to look out for is the MTU size, however, in most cases it is not an issue.
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