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7. The Analyzer does not read the TTL value from my Registry.

TTL specifies the default Time To Live value set in the header of outgoing IP packets. The TTL determines the maximum amount of time an IP packet can live in the network without reaching its destination. It is effectively a limit on the number of routers an IP packet may pass through before being discarded.

The packet read by the Analyzer does not contain the exact TTL value you have in your Registry settings, since TTL is reduced by at least one with each hop. It can only read the remaining TTL of your packet, which equals your Registry value minus the number of hops to our server (the Analyzer is currently at

If you'd like to verify the value in your registry, add the number of hops between you and our server to the number reported by the Analyzer. You can find the number of hops by doing a traceroute to our server, for example, in Windows you'd need to type tracert in MS Dos Prompt.

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