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29. How do I edit IP TOS (Type of Service) and DiffServ with the Optimizer ?

The TCP Optimizer supports tweaking the IP Type of service (TOS, RFC 791, RFC 1812) as well as DiffServ (RFC 2474 , RFC 2475, RFC 2597, RFC 2598).

To tweak TOS in the Optimizer:

1. Open the "Advanced Settings" tab and look for the DisableUserTOSSetting and DefaultTOSValue in the upper-right corner.

2. Set DisableUserTOSSetting = 0
3. Set DefaultTOSValue = nn , where "nn" is the desired TOS value.

To be compliant with both TOS and the newer DiffServ standard, here are some good optimal DefaultTOSValue numbers that are valud, and with high precedence in both ToS and DiffServ environments::

DefaultTOSValue = 80 - (010 100 00 binary). This setting should be tried first. It is not very aggressive, but it takes precedence over regular traffic and asks for low delay. For ToS, you get immediate precedence, low delay. For DiffServ, you get AF22 - class 2 traffic, medium drop probability.
DefaultTOSValue = 136 - (100 010 00 binary). This is a moderately aggressive precedence setting. For ToS, you get flash override precedence, high throughput. For DiffServ, you get AF41 - class 4 traffic, low drop probability.
DefaultTOSValue = 184 - (101 110 00 binary). This is a very aggressive setting, that might introduce some packet loss - it is usually only recommended for audio/video applications. For ToS, you get critical precedence, low delay, high throughput. For DiffServ, you get EF - Expedited Forwarding, high priority traffic, but with higher drop probability.

For additional information, and tables of all possible TOS/DiffServ values, see the TCP Optimizer documentation.

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