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2. Does the TCP Optimizer really work ?

Yes, the Optimizer does work and very well in 99% of all systems (which might be a better average than MS Windows itself ;) ). It optimizes some networking related buffers for Internet connectivity, and allows for some educated custom tweaking of your Internet connection. It's easy to backup/restore all modified settings as well.

Older Windows OSes will see immediate and very noticeable improvement in speed. Even though recent Windows versions are better tuned to deal with broadband internet speeds out of the box, and the benefits of using the software may not be immediately noticeable, the Optimizer still works and tweaks all related settings to improve broadband, as discussed in our tweaking articles.

  User Reviews/Comments:
by Anonymous - 2006-01-29 06:16

I'm an admin of 3 Windows 2003 based network servers! Few days ago decided to use a network tweaking software on one machine (TweakNow 2006 pack - AAAAA never use it to tweak your connections)! Than tried to recover from this "extra" low performance settings using "Network Speeder 3.58" - nothing changed! The speed of DNS resolving and connecting to the sites were both dramaticly decresed. Thank God the file download speed was fine - so my customers didn't notice the difference ;)

Today I found FREE!!!!!!! SG TCP/IP Optimizer - even without any custom settings - it restored surfing speed to the apropriate level...

You saved a lot of my time! Thank you SG! Thank you! Thank you!

by Arkangel - 2006-03-14 12:50
It works!

My post about it (in Spanish), here:
by vitrecca - 2006-05-06 04:19
This is great!

I was frustrated with my new WiFi laptop and NetGear ADLS router firewall. Navigation was too slow (about 1Mbi/sec) compared to my DSL 4M.

After I applied changes with this utility.... my DSL is now saturated. I download at full bandwidth. Browsing, downloads, P2P, voice and video as well as speed tests are superb.

My VPN works smoothly as well.

I am really surprised. None of the other tools did this.

Thank you !
by noobie sg tweaker - 2006-07-28 11:00
i just got the optimization tool and it seems to do very well with the internet . speed tests are improved and pages load faster . one question tho , i use a p2p ( ares ) but it seems to jump sparatically with DL speeds and is slow to get up and going to high transfer rate . is there any ideas about how to sett the SG tool and ares to get 100kbps or more or at least the highest speeds . oh and i have wireless internet 1.5mb up and 7-900kps down , wrt54g linksys , and a gateway amd64x2 ,2.2ghz ,1024mb ddr 250gb hd , nvidia geforce 6100. oh and great site , i love the this place already .
by nobugging - 2006-11-26 18:37
FYI, this tool and dslreports Tweak Test yielded very different values for RWIN (128480 & 39420). I tried both values using dslreports speed tests, and the dslreports suggested value for RWIN gave faster download speeds for distant servers.
by Rekrul - 2006-12-06 03:45
"Does it really work ?"

Absolutely! I just signed up for 3.0Mbs DSL and I was kind of underwhelmed at the slow download speeds I was getting. Downloading a file gave me maybe 30-50K a second. Streaming videos paused every few seconds, etc. Then I remembered MTU and the other parameters, did a search and ended up at this site. I ran the Analyzer and it told me that my Rwin setting was much too small. I downloaded the optimizer, told it to set the optimal values and now my download speeds are much faster!. Videos no longer pause and I'm getting 200-300K a second download speeds.

Of course there's no guarantee that speeds will improve in every situation, as many other factors can cause slow downloads. However if the question is; Can changing a few parameters in Windows dramatically affect connection speed? The answer is yes.

Thank you!
by mrbankz - 2006-12-13 22:24
Great tool! I could not figure out why my browser could not access "https://.....". When I optimized my tcp/ip settings using your tcp/ip worked. Thanks.
by dm - 2008-06-09 06:58
I recently bought my first wireless router and I set everything up but on my laptop I was only getting a connection speed of 6-8Mbps on a Virgin Media 20Mb connection. This was frustrating.

I have used this tool in the past so I thought I would give it a try on my wireless card that is built into my laptop. I chose my AR5005G wireless card, moved the slider to 20000, selected "Optimal Settings" and clicked "Apply Changes". I rebooted my laptop and low and behold I was getting the full speed. It really does work.

If anyone out there is having slow wireless issues this is worth a try!
by stevie d - 2008-09-16 21:42
Terrific. Easy to use and effective. I only wish I had found it much sooner. I have been trying for over two months to get Dell to give me a fix for the slow speeds I have been getting on a new Vostro laptop, with an Intel Pro wireless card. They have responded with irrelevant and time consuming procedures which accomplished nothing.

It was only because I stumbled upon your program in the Dell forum that I found the answer to my problem. Immediately the speeds have almost doubled, making it comparable to those on another computer connected to the same network. I have never encountered anything as complex and bewildering as wireless networking, (and I'm not a computer newbie.)Thank you very much.
by anonymous - 2009-01-02 22:11
It works!

I run Ghost backups of my two machines at home to a central file/print server. A few months ago the backups started taking MUCH longer. Backups that used to take 2 hours were taking more than 6 hours. Network throughput had dropped to about 20 Mb/sec on my wired Ethernet.

I eventually found this site and the Optimizer tool. After running it on the server my throughput increased to about 60 Mb/sec. A 30 Gig backup that used to take 6-7 hours now takes 90 minutes!

Thanks so much for this great tool!
by Robert T McQuaid - 2009-04-10 15:22
An attempt to determine largest MTU failed because all pings ended with "Request Timed Out". At the same time, ping from a command prompt worked fine. Ping from other options in SG TCP Optimizer also timed out.
by Elia1995 - 2009-07-08 14:33
I don't know, maybe I do something wrong.... but anyway I put it on 20000 (MAX!!) my Internet is still slow!! I'm "supposed" to have a 7MBs connection but is slower than a 56k modem!!

Anyone care to explain me?
by Philip - 2009-07-10 05:00
The TCP Optimizer tweaks your end of the connection, tunning your computer for broadband internet. However, no amount of tweaking can overcome the line limitatons. In other words, if your ISP does not provide a decent connection, the bottleneck is their line, not your computer.

I'd contact them for a line check.
by errol - 2009-07-13 00:03
Still cant get it to work.. the test still shows im 0.38 Mbps..Im starting to get frustrated...If someone can help me please..
by Philip - 2009-07-14 04:57
You may want to try asking in our forums with more specific tweaking questions.
by bizwiz - 2009-10-03 20:49
First, I am in no way a tech expert, barely a novice! But, on my daughter's desktop (Dell 4500, connected with a USB wireless adapter connected to my wireless router), I could not get a download speed over 3.0Mbps. I tried all the "tips" out there, and no connection speed increases. I finally tested the computer by linking the cable modem directly to the PC, this was the only speed increase.

I had obviously seen all the forums and articles about the SG TCP Optimizer, and was hesitant. Finally, I thought, "let's try it". "Viola", after letting the program find optimal settings, the download speeds averaged over 10Mbps! (I'm not a true techie, but I do know "DOE"). I found a 2-3X increase in download speeds across all "connection speed tests (ran three tests @ four sites, with "before and after" comparison spreadhseet).

So, the results speak for themselves! I was truly amazed! Now the "worst" PC in the household has almost the fastest connection speed (on wireless connection).

Try it!
by Chadkazar - 2009-11-09 17:49
My computer has benefitted due to running the TCP optimizer. Do the changes made by the TCP optimizer affect the modem or just the computer OS? If the settings are not applied to the modem, how can I do the same for my X-Box live connection?

by lukus - 2009-12-17 10:09
Tried TCP optimizer out as I read an article that mentioned using it to increase performance.

I am on a 10Mb connection with virgin media and speed tests consitantly gave 3Mbit, now I get 7Mbit :3 on windows vista. Upload is still the same, 0.4 from 0.3.
by rubie - 2010-01-19 13:51
Yes, it works for me, without 1500 kbps, now 2000, sometimes 2500 kbps. Try it, if it wont work you could resore!
by Nagesh - 2010-02-18 13:12
Does it work for USB modem ?

I am using Tata indicom photon. It is an Hawai 3g modem.

Thanks in advance

by Philip - 2010-02-18 22:33
Yes, it works for USB modems.

The only difference is that they may not be recognized in the "Network card" pull down menu, but you will still benefit from the most important tweakable parameters.
by Gabriel - 2010-11-16 02:18
hello! i am using a 3.0mbps evo usb device, and i dont know all of a sudden my internet speed degraded from 250-300 kb to 20-50kb, after looking for answers someone guided me to install this software and guranteed me it would work for me, i just intalled it a 5 mins ago, and i used the optimal settings and all, but nothing seemed to change, its still the same, and when i run the speed test on, it gives me speed of 0.54mbps! while i use torrents, the max speed i get it 29kb, i am a online gamer, and i am lagging like hell and getting mass delays.. nothing seemd to work out :( can anyone help me? please? i'd really appreciate it! thx in advance!
by Philip - 2010-11-21 12:57
Please use the forums for personal help with specific issues. You're probably having an issue with your line, and should contact your ISP - no amount of tweaking paramteres on your machine can fix an external issue with the internet feed.
by Alex - 2011-01-09 01:08
Holy Crap! This is an excellent product. I pay for 50mbps Down 5mbps Up, but speedtests were only giving me 30mbps down 4.5mbps Up. I ran the software simply selected the optimal settings it suggested. And, now speedtests report 51mbps Down 5mbps Up. Consider me very impressed.
by jp5050 - 2012-02-17 10:11
Wish they offered 50 down and five up here in military housing on Fort Gordon I would be flying! the best I have tested so far is about 490% the average for my ISP. I just added a male to male F connector so I got rid of about three feet of coax. Just that added to my upload speed. I got 27ms for Augusta, GA to Atlanta so I guess I am doing decent speed. If you have not already get Namebench and Put Linux on your router. Has anyone here configured for IPv6 or is using a 450mbps Doccis cable router to replace their modem?
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