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19. Novell Netware login script issue after using the Optimizer ?

After using the TCP Optimizer version 1, in some cases there is a possibility that the current user end up with the wrong security permissions in HKCU\Volatile Environment. This usually shows up as errors in the login script only for the current user after reboot.

We strongly recommend using version 2 of the program instead.

If you have used version 1, and you experience this, to fix the problem:

Start RegEdt32.exe, go to the HKCU windows, highlight "Volatile Environment", then from the toolbar pick Security -> Permissions.

The Current User, the Administrators group, and SYSTEM groups should have full control.
The RESTRICTED group should have read-only access.

To make the above settings permanent, after setting the permissions try the following:
- click on advanced
- uncheck the first checkbox (apply permissions to this object)
- check the second checkbox (reapply permissions and ...).

Note: If the settings do not remain permanent after reboot, also make sure that the current user has full control permissions on the HKEY_CURRENT_USER key. Once you do this and reboot, the Volatile
Environment key will inherit these permissions, and it should work from then on.

If you have any additional information, solutions, suggestions, or comments about this issue please contact the webmaster.

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