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15. The Analyzer does not show my MTU value correctly ?

The Analyzer extracts values drectly from packets that your system sends to our server. In other words, the MTU shown is what gets advertised to servers on the Internet.

The most likely cause of different MTU than what you have set for your Registry (using the Optimizer or manually) is that a NAT router on the path is limiting the MTU to a lower value. If you're behind a router, update it to the latest firmware and make sure that its MTU (if user sellectable) is set to the same value. If you are behind a router with recent firmware and no options to change MTU, you can always test whether it's the culprit by removing it and connecting your system to the Internet/Analyzer directly.

Other probable causes are PPPoE software on your system that uses different MTU, or in some rare cases an ISP limiting MTU values. Last, but not least make sure the Analyzer is examining your IP address and not some transparent proxy server.

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