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14. Is it possible for the Optimizer to cause problems ?

Yes. The TCP Optimizer is as safe as a program could be, however there is a very slim chance that someting might not work, or have a negative effect to your Internet connectivity.

You should backup your Registry settings before tweaking (in the Optimizer, navigate to the File pull-down menu and choose "backup current settings"), then use the recommended optimal values and/or read some of the recommendations on our site, and you will be safe. In the unlikely case you don't like the results after tweaking, you can always "restore backed up settings" from the File pull-down menu in the program. In fact, the first time the program is ran it makes a backup of the related registry settings for you, it is a .spg file in the directory where the program is located.

TCP Optimizer is just a tool that enables you to tweak network related settings in the Windows Registry, and as such can have both positive and negative effects, depending on the parameters used. The "Optimal settings" in the program work well in most cases, however if you have a non-conventional network connection, you might have to use some different values. We strongly recommend you learn what those settings mean, it will help you better understand how to get the most out of your Internet connection. You can use the Broadband tweaking articles on our site as reference, the TCP Opimizer documentation, and you can ask question in our forums.

  User Reviews/Comments:
by efizzy707 - 2008-12-30 17:30
It works great but right now I seem to have a problem with the Tcp Optimizer. At first I applied my changes to 640 kbps and it worked great because I was able to get 70-79kb downloading speeds. Now I made a mistake on putting the connection speed to 768kbps and now I get only up to 40kb speed downloads. I also checked on and before i changed the connection speed to 768kbps I had up to 660+ download speed now I have 330-400. Sorry for my noobness and any help would be deeply appreciated.
by dextronaut - 2012-05-20 08:54
Well I was very excited hearing about the sg tcp optimizer. Well, I am running windows vista and I heard it might not help much. what I didnt expect was when I downloaded it and changed the settings to "optimal" my internet speed dropped severely. I noticed pages were loading a little slower than normal, and I tested my download and upload speeds on a few times. On this computer, on this connection, I get roughly a 50ms ping, 1.5 download, and .8 upload consistently. After the "optimal" settings, I was getting over a 1200 ping, yes 1200, and like .1 DOWNLOAD and upload speeds. why did it lower so drastically? I was hoping Id see improvement and was very excited, is there custom settings that would actually work for me? If you could explain why my speeds dropped so much it'd be much appreciated.
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