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13. How do I revert my settings to a previous state ?

To revert any changes made to your system using the TCP Optimizer, go in its "File" pull-down menu and choose "Restore Windows Default Settings", or even "Restore backed up settings".

TCP Optimizer version 2 (and later) makes an automatic backup of the settings it changes the first time you run it. It creates a file of this form "sg_backup_2005-05-11-0903.spg" in the same directory where the program resides.

The TCP Optimizer also has "Reset TCP/IP" and "Reset Winsock" options in the "File" menu that not only revert all settings to the Windows defaults, but are also capable of fixing corrupt TCP/IP stack/connectivity issues by reinstalling and resetting the TCP/IP stack.

  User Reviews/Comments:
by Unhappy user - 2006-04-08 05:53
I've used this program to "optimize" my network connection, but it only made my machine unable to connect anywhere. When I asked it to restore the settings, it started working again, but at HALF speed of what it did before.

I tested transfer of a 4gb file from my other machine over my 100Mbit switch, and sure enough, today it only utilize ~25% of the network bandwidth, compared to ~50% before the program was used.

I'm not very happy with this result.
by Philip - 2006-04-14 14:29
If you are on PPPoE, and choose 1500 MTU it is possible for the Internet connection to stop working. The program displays all the changes being made BEFORE making them. It also makes a backup of your settings before any changes. When you restore this initial backup, your Registry should be in the exact same state as before using the program...
by other unhappy user - 2008-11-30 12:31
im having exactly the same problem with unhappy, how do i fix it?
i have reinstall my xp sp3 and the problem still persists. im clueless. please take responsible
by Philip - 2008-11-30 13:15
The TCP Optimizer has been downloaded by more than a million people, and has proven to greatly improve the internet connection of the vast majority of users.

In such rare cases that you're not happy with the results, please use our forums for further help:

The program does make a backup of all settings before changing them, and allows for reverting them. In addition, these FAQs contain information on resetting your TCP/IP stack, reinstalling your OS is unnecessary. If you did reinstall your OS and you're still having connection issues, there is no possibility for the TCP Optimizer to be the cause.

Still, you're welcome to post in our forums and we'd be happy to address any issues you may be having.
by pertoni - 2020-07-09 01:50
Hello, very good afternoon, I have a doubt that if I already delete the program and if I reinstall it, will I be able to revert it as it was before?
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