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12. The TCP Analyzer doesn't work, I can't connect to it ?

You are most probably running a firewall that blocks the port on which the TCP/IP Analyzer runs. The TCP Analyzer server uses a non-standard port for accepting HTTP connenction and some firewalls might not let you connect to it. You'd have to open port 8080 on your firewall while testing, your PC should be able to connect to this port.

You can also try the following to test connectivity to port 8080 on our server:

1. Enter Command Prompt (Start > Run > type: command)
2. Type: telnet 8080 (then immediately hit ENTER)

You shold be presented with a web page (in text form) if your computer is able to connect to our server on this port.

Note: The TCP Analyzer used tcp port 8117 in the past. We've changed it to use port 8080 for better firewall-compatibility, however some sites might still be linking to the old address/port ( Please notify them or/and us if you see such links, as they are outdated and will eventually stop working completely.

  User Reviews/Comments:
by anonymous - 2006-07-18 22:08
I had this problem and tried everything. Turns out that peerguardian was blocking it [peerguardian using blockmanager].
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