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1. What is a "TCP Optimizer" ?

The SG TCP Optimizer is an "Internet Accelerator" which helps to dramatically boost your Internet speed. It optimizes Internet-related settings on your end of the connection (your PC), allowing for faster throughput.

The program works with any Internet connection, from dialup to leased lines. It is a completely free program that supports all current Windows versions, and it can improve Internet speed as much as 200% in some cases, at no additional cost to you. It is completely legal, and often recommended by ISPs as a tool to troubleshoot and optimize internet connections.

The SG TCP Optimizer works best for optimizing broadband Internet connections, however it will work for dial-up and LANs to a degree. Note that it is a program that optimizes your end of the connection, and you will still be dependent on the feed that your ISP provides.

  User Reviews/Comments:
by Boneidle - 2009-08-27 10:41
Am I being a numpty? Where do I go to open the Optimizer to check the settings etc? I can't find it in Programs so where is it?
by Philip - 2009-08-27 10:59
The TCP Optimizer does not need to be "installed" at all, it is a simple executable file you can download directly to your desktop. To access it then you simply need to double-click the downloaded program.
by Rakesh - 2012-01-04 02:04
Is there any changes that we have to do when we run the program...If yes,tel me those settings please....
by yudhislona - 2015-02-14 13:44
works perfectly...
I set optimal in setting. reboot...and amazing
Thanks for nice tiny software.. :2thumb up
by Danny Gonzalez Nunez - 2015-05-22 20:30
I want and what the people how to make Internet faster Internet speeds one menda you do now you have to have to access the internet but a comment that the program how to do the most of the internet speed is as usual joan that but how well that works well and I increase the speed internet increases 25 mbps 100 mbps Thanks for having such great motivation program versions documentary on the person and what you want because we have a speed of high-speed internet is like increasing 25 mbps hope your mind to rise 100 mbps Y200 mbps increasing to 300 mbps increasing to 1,000 well, well super fast Gigabit wireless DSL slow to fast speed internet
by anonymous - 2022-08-12 04:27
Hi there, guys)

Nice piece of useful software, but many friends shy away from it, arguing it is not opensource and might do something bad too.

How come a free combo of netsh/reg patches/powershell is neither at github nor sourceforge? Or any particular reason(s) to be proprietary?

by Philip - 2022-08-25 16:13
Historically, it included many proprietary/undocumented settings that we didn't want anyone else to sell as a product. You can see the changes it makes after hitting the "Apply" button, but they are different for each OS version.
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