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How secure is your wireless network ?
I'm paranoid: WPA2+MAC filtering, SSID bcast disable, etc. tally: 437tally: 437 33% (437)
WPA/WPA2 tally: 550tally: 550 41% (550)
WEP tally: 152tally: 152 11% (152)
WPS button tally: 1tally: 1 0% (1)
802.11x / RADIUS tally: 11tally: 11 1% (11)
Not sure tally: 22tally: 22 2% (22)
I know where the power button is. tally: 26tally: 26 2% (26)
Is it that box with the antenna in the closet ? tally: 20tally: 20 2% (20)
No wireless tally: 109tally: 109 8% (109)

Total Votes: 1328
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