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What social networks do you use ?
Facebook tally: 604tally: 604 42% (604)
Google+ tally: 89tally: 89 6% (89)
MySpace tally: 9tally: 9 1% (9)
LinkedIn tally: 31tally: 31 2% (31)
Twitter tally: 53tally: 53 4% (53)
multiple networks tally: 113tally: 113 8% (113)
all of them tally: 22tally: 22 2% (22)
none tally: 519tally: 519 36% (519)

Total Votes: 1440
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  User Reviews/Comments:
by anonymous - 2022-08-21 01:35
Social media is for fools and liars who can’t be part of an open exchange of ideas. All the social media trolls want to hear is total one sided BS with no facts, wake up people, most of you came with a brain, try a little independent thinking for a change.
Anybody can make up lies, the truth is always backed with facts.
As far as social media, Tell the truth, less to remember.
Open your eyes clones.
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