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SG Speed Test - Test Mirrors

To host your own test mirror, please read this. All averages are updated daily and cover last 1000 tests.

Mirror Location ascending Country Avg Down Avg Up Avg Bandwidth Avg Latency Rating Test count
 speedguide 2 Atlanta, GA USA 32.54 Mbit/s 10.6 Mbit/s 1164 MB/day 155 ms 219351 Fremont, CA USA 40.5 Mbit/s 10.88 Mbit/s 2090 MB/day 152 ms 66735 Jacksonville, FL USA 32.4 Mbit/s 10.19 Mbit/s 2532 MB/day 164 ms 484476 Lodz Poland 16.88 Mbit/s 7.91 Mbit/s 625 MB/day 188 ms 16165 Netrino, Maidenhead UK 28.69 Mbit/s 9.68 Mbit/s 1324 MB/day 181 ms 64070 Stockholm Sweden 26.07 Mbit/s 11 Mbit/s 553 MB/day 190 ms 12423 Strasbourg France 31.24 Mbit/s 10.7 Mbit/s 1031 MB/day 158 ms 139736

7 active mirrors.

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