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Test date: 1969.12.31 19:00 EST
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  • For more reliable results, you should turn off any applications that are currently using part of your bandwidth, such as internet radio, VoIP, P2P, etc.
  • Priority access, more reliable tests, and longer test history may be available to registered users.
  • If you have a problem with the tests, you may want to temporarily disable firewall software, and any third party ad blockers/security applications that may be interfering (such as Norton Internet Security and Zone Alarm).
  • SG speed tests measure both your downstream and upstream line speed.
  • The SG speed test transfers nearly uncompressable data, and displays your transfer rate. In perfect situations, this should be close (~90%) to your advertised/rated line speed.
  • Web-based speet tests are just an estimate of the slowest link between you and the test server.
  • Tests are dependent on many factors, such as time of day, congestion on the path at the time, your ISP's backbone/connectivity, your allocated bandwidth, the particular node you're on, the state of the Internet at the time, latency, moon phase ;), etc.
  • If test results seem unrealistic/slow, you can try testing from a different mirror closer to you.


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