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Netgear DG834G

details: 54 Mbps Wireless ADSL Firewall Router with 4-port 10/100 Mbps switch.
hardware type: DSL Wireless Router
date added: 2006-01-28
updated: 2013-09-26
The DG834G is a wireless ADSL1/2/2+ broadband router. It has a single RJ-11 WAN port and four 10/100Base-T Ethernet LAN ports.

The integrated access point complies with the IEEE 802.11b/g standards, providing wireless transmission speeds of up to 54Mbps. This access point supports WEP and WPA/WPA2 wireless encryption.

The router supports IPSec client and server and VPN pass-through for L2TP and PPTP. A built-in SPI firewall protects the network against hackers and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.
 DG834G Features
 Availability: discontinued
 Street price: $69
 Warranty: 2 year(s)
 LAN / WAN Connectivity
 WAN ports: 1
 WAN port(s) type: DSL/ISDN/POTS connector (RJ-11)
 LAN ports: 4
 LAN ports type: 10/100 Base-TX (RJ-45)
 USB port(s): 0
 NAT routing: yes
 NAT table size: 2048
 Multihomed: yes
 DMZ: yes
 Port forwarding: yes
 Port forwarding of ranges: yes
 Port triggering: no
 DHCP server: yes
 DHCP client: yes
 DHCP relay: yes
 DNS proxy: yes
 Dynamic DNS client: yes
 QoS: no
 ToS / DiffServ: no
 Routing Protocols: RIP v1 (static routing, RFC 1058)
RIP v2 (dynamic routing, RFC1389)
 DSL compliance: ADSL1 (G.dmt 992.1, G.lite 992.2, G.hs 994.1, DMT T1.413)
ADSL2 (G.992.3, G.lite.bis 992.4)
ADSL2+ (G.992.5)
 PPPoE client: yes
 PPPoA client: yes
 Maximum Wireless Speed: 54 Mbps
 WiFi standards supported: 802.11b (Wi-Fi 1)
802.11g (Wi-Fi 3)
 Wifi security/authentication: WEP
 WiFi modes: Access point
 internal antenna(s): 0
 external antenna(s): 1
 ext antenna(s) removable ?: yes
 Antenna gain: 2 dBi
 RADIUS support: yes
 IPSec server: yes
 IPSec client: yes
 L2TP server: no
 L2TP client: no
 L2TP passthrough: yes
 PPTP server: no
 PPTP client: no
 PPTP passthrough: yes
 SPI firewall: yes
 DoS / DDoS protection: yes
 Security log: yes
 Filtering: Domain/URL blocking, MAC Address filtering, keyword/content filtering
 Device Management
 Default IP address:
 Default admin username: admin
 Default admin password: password
 Administration: Web-based (LAN)
Remote configuration (WAN)
Telnet / CLI
 Firmware upgradeable: yes
 Event log: yes
 Misc hardware info
 Chipset: ADSL: TI Ar7 (MIPS 4KEc) + Ethernet: Marvel 6 + WiFi: TI TNETW1130
 RAM: 16 Mb
 NTP client: yes
 Product page:
 Quick Install Guide:

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  User Reviews/Comments:
by Shinobi87 - 2007-08-29 08:44
Absolutely brillilant, although range is a bit iffy....

....saying that, I live in a 200 yr old cottage with uber-thick walls!
by sharpbhoy - 2009-08-03 21:11
Have no problems, im experienced with routers, even then a few bug me.
Some cut out randomly and annoy me (damn that linksys!)
But this one always works, only bad things I have with this is the range, I live in a house with only 1 wall internet thingy-ma-bobs and that is in the hall. I normally use my laptop in my living room and that is about 20-25ft, the signal is a bit weak, but bearable. Excellent router
by anonymous - 2011-06-22 22:22
I received a different modem from my ISP when I upgraded my plan a few days ago. I ran the speedtest dot net connection test on my Netgear 54 mbps wireless ADSL modem router DG834G v3 against the Thomson TG585 V8.

The results of the tests were:

TG585 V8: Download .38 mb/s. Upload 0.28 mb/s. Ping 58ms. I sensed something wrong so I restarted the TG585 and searched the web for a firmware upgrade - their website has no firmware upgrade. I ran the TG585 DOWNLOAD test again and they improved to 1.77; 1.41; 2.11; and finally 1.51 mb/s.

DG834G V3: Download 2.35 to 3.12 mb/s. Upload 0.32 mb/s. Ping 50ms.

Upload tests were relatively consistent between the 2 products.

You guess which of the above products I have chosen to use.

For the record, I did not bother with testing the TG585 wireless connnection. A pity because we get a poor signal in our bedroom when using the DG834G. I guess this will keep electronic devices out of the bedroom to an extent.
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