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Linksys WRT54GX2

details: Wireless-G Broadband Router with SRX200 Speed and Range eXpansion
hardware type: Wireless Router
date added: 2006-03-18
updated: 2014-10-20
Router with 4-port Switch, and a built in speed and range enhanced (SRX200) Wireless-G (802.11g) Access Point.

SRX (Speed and Range eXpansion) increases wireless range up to twice as far as standard 802.11g networks, reduces dead spots in coverage area, and claims speed up to 6 times faster than standard 802.11g at the same distance.
 WRT54GX2 Features
 Availability: discontinued
 Street price: $120
 Warranty: 3 year(s)
 LAN / WAN Connectivity
 WAN ports: 1
 WAN port(s) type: 10/100 Base-TX (RJ-45)
 LAN ports: 4
 LAN ports type: 10/100 Base-TX (RJ-45)
 LAN ports auto cross-over: yes
 USB port(s): 0
 Serial port: no
 NAT routing: yes
 Multihomed: yes
 DMZ: yes
 Port forwarding: yes
 Port forwarding of ranges: yes
 Port triggering: yes
 DHCP server: yes
 DHCP client: yes
 Dynamic DNS client: yes
 UPnP: yes
 MAC Address clone: yes
 MTU configurable (WAN): yes
 MTU limit (WAN): 1500
 Routing Protocols: RIP v1 (static routing, RFC 1058)
RIP v2 (dynamic routing, RFC1389)
 PPPoE client: yes
 Maximum Wireless Speed: 108 Mbps
 WiFi standards supported: 802.11b (Wi-Fi 1)
802.11g (Wi-Fi 3)
802.11g+ (108 Mbps+)
 Wifi security/authentication: WEP
Wireless MAC Address filtering
SSID Broadcast disable
 WiFi modes: Access point
 external antenna(s): 2
 Transmit Power: +17 dBm
 Receiver Sensitivity: -73 dBm
 Default SSID: linksys
 Multiple SSID: no
 IPSec server: no
 IPSec client: no
 IPSec passthrough: yes
 L2TP server: no
 L2TP client: no
 L2TP passthrough: yes
 PPTP server: no
 PPTP client: no
 PPTP passthrough: yes
 SPI firewall: yes
 Filtering: Domain/URL blocking
 Device Management
 Default IP address:
 Default admin username: (blank)
 Default admin password: admin
 Administration: Web-based (LAN)
Remote configuration (WAN)
Quick Setup Wizard
 Firmware upgradeable: yes
 Configuration backup/restore: yes
 Diagnostic functions: yes
ping, traceroute
 Misc hardware info
 SNMP support: SNMP v.1
 Power over Ethernet (PoE): no
 Product page:

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  User Reviews/Comments:
by anonymous - 2006-04-13 18:21
I tried two different units before returning. Neither worked as well as a WRT54GS in the same (demanding) application.

The SRX400 card I tried to use was buggy at best, and the connection was not at all reliable using the Linksys software. the XP drivers worked better (surprisingly). Typically, I would have to eject the PCMCIA card, re-insert, and restart the Linksys software to even have a chance at a connection. The connection strength and overall reliability were not nearly as good as the WRT54GS, even trying different configurations, frequencies, security settings, etc.

Net: Don't bother with SRX200. SRX400 is a beta quality product - wait awhile for real software and reliability. Absolutely not worth more money than the WRT54G or WRT54GS product line.
by NetGear - 2006-04-23 00:25
Works very well for me. Have been using a VERY early model of the WRT54G for years, and have had great service. Was apprehensive about a change, but Linksys (Cisco) pulled through, again. System installed without a hitch (well, except for a modem power-down), and the signal is very strong, even deep into our backyard; almost 150 feet away from the installation. That's going through a huge floor-to-ceiling brick fireplace, too. I've heard of slowdowns associated with these routers, but my hardwired speeds have not been affected, and the wireless speeds are within 10% of those.
by anonymous - 2006-09-14 17:37
I bought this unit few months ago. It provides better range, but it seems to have some issues with VPN passthrough. I have been trying to connect to my office thru VPN. It just does not work. I have contacted their tech support a couple of times, but none of them was able to help me out. Anyone else experiencing the same issues that I have, and any workaround for it?
by amancera - 2006-11-21 23:31
I have the same situation with my WRT54GX2. I can not connect to my company's VPN. I have searched for another forums but I am just accepting this Linksys model does not support VPN through wireless.

Hopefuly the Linksys guys will resolve this situation in a new firmware.
by anonymous - 2006-11-23 16:10
I purchased the WRT54GX2 to do VPN over wifi, and almost took it back after not being able to get it to work over wifi (wired VPN worked fine). I am using the Nortel Contivity client, which uses IPSec, in this case UDP port 500, NAT tranversal over port 4500. Linksys tech support had me try many different settings for port triggering, port forwarding, etc., all to no avail. The last thing tried actually identified the problem. I had wireless security set for WPA2-PSK using AES encryption. I dropped the encryption back to TKIP, *** and VPN tunneling succeeded ***. So, I'm operating the AP in a very slightly degraded security, but using a strong, very random 63 char passphrase. I'm not sure if the IPSec and AES compatibilty is an inherent issue yet, but am hoping a firmware update from Linksys will resolve the issue completely.

Another deficiency with this router is the inablity to disable an active IP from the DHCP client table, especially for wifi. I would like to see this functionality for development and test scenarios. This option exists in quite a few other Linksys routers.

Other than these two things, I'm happy with the performance of this router. It's wifi range and speed is great, throughout a 3 story house.

Hope this same condition resolves your VPN problems.
by anonymous - 2010-01-11 18:01
I am having the same problem with this router, but, I can connect, but it drops my VPN connection about every 30-60 minutes. I had my cable company monitor my signal and they "said" I had no drops from them and my company says it is not them either. Can anyone provide the actual settings for this modem. I have no idea what the last poster is talking about, to technical for me..... Thanks.
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