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D-Link DWL-2100AP

details: AirPlus Xtreme G 802.11g Wireless Access Point
hardware type: Wireless Access Point
date added: 2006-02-25
updated: 2015-11-08
The D-Link AirPlus Xtreme G Access Point provides your home or office with connectivity speeds of up to 108Mbps and comes with SNMP management software. Also works as Point-To-Point Bridge, Point-to-Multipoint Bridge, Repeater, or a Wireless Client.

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 DWL-2100AP Features
 Availability: discontinued
 Street price: $131
 Warranty: 1 year(s)
 LAN / WAN Connectivity
 WAN ports: 0
 LAN ports: 1
 LAN ports type: 10/100 Base-TX (RJ-45)
 LAN ports auto cross-over: yes
 USB port(s): 0
 Serial port: no
 DHCP server: yes
 DHCP client: yes
 Maximum Wireless Speed: 108 Mbps
 WiFi standards supported: 802.11b (Wi-Fi 1)
802.11g (Wi-Fi 3)
802.11g+ (108 Mbps+)
 Wifi security/authentication: WEP
RADIUS authentication
Wireless MAC Address filtering
SSID Broadcast disable
 WiFi modes: Access point
Wireless client
Wireless bridge (PtP)
Multipoint bridge (PtMP)
Repeater mode
 external antenna(s): 1
 ext antenna(s) removable ?: yes
 Antenna gain: 1 dBi
 Transmit Power: +15 dBm
 Receiver Sensitivity: -66 dBm
 WDS compatible: yes
 Device Management
 Default IP address:
 Default admin username: admin
 Default admin password: (blank)
 Administration: Web-based (LAN)
Remote configuration (WAN)
Quick Setup Wizard
Telnet / CLI
Windows application
 Firmware upgradeable: yes
 Configuration backup/restore: yes
 Email alerts: no
 Usage Statistics: yes
 Misc hardware info
 Chipset: Atheros 2312a, 180MHz
 RAM: 16 Mb
 Flash Memory: 4 Mb
 SNMP support: SNMP v.1, SNMP v.2, SNMP v.3
 Power over Ethernet (PoE): no
 Third-party firmware support: yes
 Product page:

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  User Reviews/Comments:
by anonymous - 2006-08-22 05:28
Works fine, easy to install once you find out you can not use non english letters in the keyphrase (in my case ,, used in swedish).
by anonymous - 2007-07-09 13:09
when i click on the ip address link it doesnt seem to work and i cant seem to go to the webpage of
by gionnico - 2008-03-30 17:04
Must be set to the same subnet as the router's one to be reached.

Excellent product, supports changing the transmission power and the antenna.
Works also outdoor for 20-30km links.

The best access point on market, highly suggested!
by shelley - 2008-04-07 07:28
i cannot seem to access either
i want to secure my wireless router
by anonymous - 2008-06-28 10:21
can some one tell me how to extend the range of any or "LINKSYS" outdoor AP with any suitable antenna or can someone build the one @ home.
by MortenW - 2009-01-30 02:54
I connect the AP, and I can connect to it wireless. When I go to it's IP in my browser I am prompted for user/passy
I use admin and blank pw... but no luck. I try to reset and same happens. It says in the guide that it is User: admin and passy: "blank" (no pw)
I've tried some else default pw's but no luck there either.
by Dilawar - 2009-06-02 02:46
I conect to DWL-2100AP but not conect with Labtop wireless & default IP not working Properly. i check with internet explorer but not answering ? pls. good solution & define setup thanks
by ski - 2009-08-17 08:01
contrary to manual I think this router has default ip address of and NOT 0.50
by anonymous - 2011-01-03 08:06
I am also having a problem accessing the IP address of If I use 1.50 as suggested by someone else, it also does not work. Any suggestions on how I can install this device? At the moment I want to throw it away as it is a waste of time and the installation is proving to be a real nightmare
by the he - 2011-01-10 00:29
ip adress or or are not working!!
i didnt proxy or other options still not working. i bought this product but i cant create password for my wireless? pls any one help????
by anonymous - 2011-01-10 12:40
You need to change your local IP to a static, like and then try to configure this. You'll change the IP to match your network.
by Philip - 2011-01-10 17:49
When connected to this router, assuming a Windows client set to obtain an IP address automatically, you can drop to command prompt and type: ipconfig

The "Default Gateway . . . . :" line will show the router's current IP address. You can then type that IP in a browser to reach the web admin interface.
by Rakesh Singh - 2011-02-18 02:07
I want configure public IP on LAN Port and receive DHCP for client, can be possible, if yes the how?
by anonymous - 2012-03-12 11:36
by anonymous - 2012-07-03 16:42
1 connect your DWL2100 to your computer by cable and disable its wifi
2 reset your DWL2100 by holding the reset in for 5 seconds
2 set your computer ip address manually to - (IMPORTANT)
3 open your browser and log into address
the DWL2100 wizard page should now open
by anonymous - 2013-09-24 06:42
Sorry .. But I kind trowel 2100ap Access Point model is ... IP could not open any of the modem settings page! What was I Begin? But behind the IP modem not written it!! Now only spawns modem Internet sharing ... But I can not set a password for it!
I've tried entering the IP settings, but I'm not! :
And so IP
Thanks for answering my question ...
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