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A Cable/DSL Router with enhanced security features
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Date: 2002-04-10 03:46
Author: John
Category: Firewalls / VPN
Manufacturer: ZyXEL
Product/Model: ZyWALL 10
List Price: $299
Online Price: $220.99 @

Security and Firewall features

The primary advantage of the ZyWALL 10 over competing products is the enhanced security features, and this router truly packs a punch. Below you can see the home screen of the Firewall's Administration area.

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Firewall administration - main
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You can have alerts sent to you VIA email, having the router send logs of attacks to you no matter where you are.
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You can generate alerts depending upon your own criteria, for those lovely Sunday afternoons when some script kiddie decides to ddos your web server.
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Speaking of logs, here is what the firewall log looks like; notice how the time is wrong. I took this screencap before I telnetted into the router to change the router's system time and date. It is also a pain that you cannot copy and paste the text out of this box yourself to paste into a document or email to your ISP. However, what I did was I got the abuse email for my ISP and you set your router to automatically send an email directly to so you are no longer hassled with garnering information about an attacker and sending it to the ISP, the ZyWall can do it automatically for you.
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WAN To LAN policies for blocking packets regarding "Rules" that you set up yourself.
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LAN to WAN policies for blocking packets...
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With custom ports, you can open up a port or a range of ports for certain applications that you would like to have access and be accessed from the internet, such as game servers, ftp clients, and web servers.


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