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SOHOWARE BroadGuard NBG800

A Cable/DSL Router with built-in 4-port Switch and enhanced security features.
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Date: 2001-03-12 10:14
Author: Philip
Category: Broadband Routers
Manufacturer: SOHOWARE
Product/Model: BroadGuard Secure Cable/DSL Router - NBG800
List Price: $179.99

Key Features

The BroadGuard router has an impressive list of features that should appeal to any residential, telecommuting and SOHO customers employing high-speed broadband connectivity applications. It supports VPN (for a DMZ PC), PPPoE, DHCP (both as a client and server)

High-Speed networking
The BroadGuard supports up to 253 PCs' Internet connectivity using only one IP address. The internal 4-port full-duplex switch is capable of full 200Mbps throughput on all 4 ports.

High-Level Security
Most broadband routers provide some level of security by default, because the NAT technology used assigns internal IPs to devices on the LAN. This NAT security feature is simple and effective, since none of the LAN addresses are visible from outside the local network. In addition to the basic NAT security, the BroadGuard includes DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), as well as advanced firewall protection, outfit with SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) technology. SPI is a proactive firewall technology that analyzes all inbound and outbound data packets, checks the server/client addresses and detects potential abnormal content. The router also has DoS (Denial of Service) Attack alert messaging, which could be set to email you an event log of any DoS Attack attempts (including the initiating IP address), which you in turn can validate and forward to the supposed hacker's ISP.

Internet Access Control
The unit's Browser-based interface has many customizable options that might benefit the experienced administrator. You can easily block access to specific websites, keywords within the Website's subject, as well as a few well-known protocols. The interface allows you to block users from accessing Web, E-mail, FTP, News-servers or telnet based bulletin boards. The only shortcoming of the browser Access control is that you can only set up to 10 PCs with static IPs to have limited access.

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Access Control screen
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DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)


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