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Zyxel showcases next-generation WiFi 6 Solutions at CES

2020-01-08 15:22 by
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Zyxel showcased new technologies at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. The company announced a WiFi6 WiFi Extender with an 8x8 5GHz antenna configuration. The WiFi6 product line also features the Halo Light Gateway, a 10G XGS-PON WiFi6 whole-home EasyMesh gateway and WiFi6 extender system. The innovative Halo Light system incorporates several intelligent features including smart self-monitoring, gateway-based cyber-security and parental control.

Halo Light revolutionizes the home WiFi by incorporating intelligent tracking using Wi-Fi signals (patent pending). Using machine learning technology, Halo Light learns and maps WiFi signatures and behavior of devices at home enabling it to detect out-of-normal activity and send alerts for applications such as monitoring children or elderly family members.

Halo Light is designed for ease-of-use. In addition to the ability to control the system via a mobile app , Halo Light features an LCD display that provides set-up directions, network and security alerts. The display also supports a growing array of widgets like at-a-glance weather and date/time. Many control and LCD display features are also supported by Alexa commands.

The premium WiFi6 (11ax) MPro Mesh solution includes the EX5510 WiFi 6 Multi-Gigabit Router and WX3310 Dual-Band WiFi 6 Extender. Zyxel's whole-home mesh WiFi systems are accompanied by easy-to-use, intuitive self-help mobile apps that help subscribers manage and monitor their home networks, reducing support calls and costs for service providers.

Zyxel offers a comprehensive portfolio of 5G/LTE CPE solutions for Fixed Wireless Broadband deployments. The product line includes the new Halo Air 5G WiFi Intelligent Whole-Home Wi-Fi system. It is a 5G fixed wireless broadband gateway and WiFi6 WiFi extender system that delivers broadband speeds up to 2 Gbps throughout the home to provide a complete WiFi6, EasyMesh whole-home WiFi solution.

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