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YouTube accuses T-Mobile US of throttling its traffic

2015-12-25 15:34 by
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YouTube has recently complained of T-Mobile's new "Binge-On," program, which offers free, lower quality video streams to subscribers.

It turns out that some Binge-On subscribers who watch YouTube have found their service slowed down, in response to heavy viewing. The video streaming platform claims that T-Mobile is serving those subscribers YouTube video content at a lower quality even though YouTube is not among the services participating in Binge-On.

"Reducing data charges can be good for users, but it doesn't justify throttling all video services, especially without explicit user consent," said YouTube in a statement.

In response of the allegations, a T-Mobile spokesperson said:

"Binge On is entirely within the customer Relevant Products/Services's control. They can turn Binge On off or on at will."

T-Mobile launched its Binge On service in November to allow customers to watch videos from 24 different providers without the streaming going towards their data limits. There's a drawback, though. The resolution is 420p, a very low quality level for streaming video. According to YouTube, this practice is against the rules of Net Neutrality and is some kind of favoritism.

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