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World's first flying car set to go on sale in the US

2018-09-27 16:33 by
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The world's first flying car is about to hit the market. Called "Transition", the car is manufactured by the chinese company Terrafugia which belongs to Volvo. The two-seat hybrid electric car turns into a plane in less than a minute and can fly at 100 miles an hour.

The most striking aspect of the Transition is its folding wings, which extend to allow flight and can be retracted when driving on roads. It is fitted with a parachute system as well as a 'boost' mode to give a 'brief burst of extra power while flying'.

The car is totally road legal, but you'll need to be allowed to fly an aeroplane to take this thing off terra firma. The vehicle has been certified as a Light Sport Aircraft by the Federal Aviation Administration in 2016 and also meets National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration standards.

The Chinese news agency Xinhua said pre-sales will begin in October. Terrafugia previously said the Transition would cost $279,000, although Terrafugia reportedly revised the cost upwards to somewhere between $300k and $400k. Deliveries of the new flying car will begin in early 2019.

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