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Winamp is back from the dead

2022-08-02 17:36 by


One of the most popular MP3 players of all time is back! Though active development on Winamp ceased back in 2013, in 2018 word came through that development had restarted, and after a long period with little news, the Winamp 5.9 release candidate is now available for download.

Download and install the new version from the official Winamp forum (spotted by Bleeping Computer), and you might just feel yourself transported back in time to 2001. The player still feels like an old-fashioned media library manager, and yes, still launches with a shock jock-style declaration of "it really whips the llama's ass!" Changes to the program are almost entirely under the hood, with a code base update from Visual Studio 2008 to VS2019. Unfortunately that means you'll need Windows 7 or later to run it.

Compatibility with Windows 11 is not the only novelty. There have been many adjustments to make the app more attractive and intuitive. Other new features include the ability to sync Winamp for Windows with the Android version of the app.

There's still a bunch of bugs and issues to work out, as you can see in the Known Issues section of the post and the four pages of comments. The devs also mentioned that this build and its features still need testing.

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