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Wi-Fi charging could be the future of wireless power

2015-06-08 10:15 by


It seems that power over Wi-Fi will soon allow consumers to power their handheld devices by using the built-in Wi-Fi adapter on their device.

The announcement has been made by researchers from the University of Washington, who had developed new tech called "Power over Wi-Fi." It uses existing wireless networks to eliminate the need for charging cords. The "power over Wi-Fi" system can recharge batteries through the air, from up to 28 feet away.

Though this isn't the first time researchers have managed to successfully transmit wireless electric power, it is the first time Wi-Fi signals have been harnessed in the provision of wireless power to lower power devices. The main idea is to roll together both power and communication into a single system, utilizing an already existing Wi-Fi network to do away with the inconvenience of plugging in.

Power over Wi-Fi features just two components - an access point (a router), and custom-built sensors.

"The goal of the sensors is to harvest RF (radio frequency) power and convert it into DC power," explains Vamsi Talla, a researcher on the project. "The second piece, the access point, there we actually developed a custom solution on it, just a software modification that would enable the access point to act both as a good power delivery source and, simultaneously, also as a good Wi-Fi router."

"We have a huge Wi-Fi infrastructure already in place," Talla added. "If we can repurpose existing infrastructure for power delivery as well, then we can actually enable wireless power delivery in homes and offices."

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  User Reviews/Comments:
by Mgam0deste - 2015-06-09 05:48
English at end. 9/6/2015
Alimenter des composants via des ondes radio est le prochain danger : jusqu'à présent les composants utilisés pour espionner les industriels et les civils (caméras dans des petits objets et micros dans les murs) étaient limités par l'autonomie et la taille de leur batterie. Imaginez un peu ce que les gouvernementsEnnemis nous préparent avec des objets qui seraient auto alimentés en électricité : une surveillance permanente infinie et sans contrôle.
Je ne parle même pas des graves dégats pour la santé de ces ondes puissantes sur la santé.

Charging low power devices via wifi would allow spy devices used for mass surveillance to be smaller, everywhere, and endless used for industrial and domestic spying without legal control and forever. I don't even talk about the health dammages caused by those powerfull radiowaves. That is a bad news.
by anti-anti - 2015-06-11 23:42
Whoever knows the past controls the present, but whoever knows a secret controls the knoledge. Whoever has an ear let him hear, whoever has eyes let him see...
He roams about, seeking whom he may devour.

"Though this isn't the first time researchers have managed to successfully transmit wireless electric power"
They afraid what or who they do not understand.

Sounds like Tesla's tech when he invented this feature but others had wool pulled over their eyes, so they were filled with great envy and greed to do everything to make sure this does not spread. Right now others get credit and "money" what they have not earned.
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