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White House invests $400 million in 5G wireless research

2016-07-18 03:11 by
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The president Obama on Friday announced that the government will spend $400 million in research program aimed at building 5G wireless networks across the country. The project, called Advanced Wireless Research Initiative will start in fiscal year 2017, which starts Oct. 1 and will continue in the next seven years.

Led by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the reasearch will involve establishment of four city-sized testing grounds for 5G wireless services. The testing will include deployment of small cells to boost signals of high-band, millimeter wave spectrum.

"Collectively, these spectrum policy and research efforts will accelerate the deployment of a new generation of wireless networks that are up to 100 times faster than today," the White House wrote in a press release. "These super-fast, ultra-low latency, high-capacity networks will enable breakthrough applications for consumers, smart cities, and the Internet of Things that cannot even be imagined today."

The NSF funding includes $50 million as part of a partnership with more than 20 mobile companies and trade groups. The foundation also said that it will invest an additional $350 million over the next seven years in academic research to test these platforms.

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