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Vivaldi browser can now block annoying cookie dialogs

2021-04-29 18:45 by
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When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulation came into effect in the European Union in 2018, website owners were forced to display a banner on their sites to ask for consent to store cookies, when a user made their first visit. While the cookie consent system is an excellent privacy improvement, seeing and interacting with the banner on every single site you visit can be a tiring experience.

To help users circumvent this issue, Vivaldi announced today that it's updating the desktop and Android versions of its Vivaldi browser with the ability to block annoying cookie preference pop-ups. To achieve this, Vivaldi introduces a new option called Cookie Crumbler.

Cookie Crumbler is introduced in Vivaldi 3.8. It is a feature of Vivaldi's built-in content blocker, and needs to be enabled before it is taking care of cookie prompts that you may get when you visit websites on the Internet. To enable it, go to Vivaldi Menu > Settings > Privacy > Tracker and Ad blocking - Manage Sources - Ad blocking sources, and check one of the available "remove cookie warnings" lists on the page.

However, as with many ad and tracker blocker extensions, blocking these banners might also break some websites, the company notes. Users will have to disable the Vivaldi Ad Blocker on these sites if they want to turn off the Cookie Crumbler. Meanwhile, the company notes that even if you block a cookie consent dialog on a site, it "may not have the same result" as rejecting all the cookies on that site. However, blocking third-party cookies inside your browser should fix this issue.

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