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Verizon's Visible might have been hacked

2021-10-13 18:18 by
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Visible, the cellphone service operated by Verizon, seems to have been subjected to a data breach. Although no official statements have been released yet, a Visible employee confirmed the security issue on Reddit and recommended customers to change their passwords and any other personal info they may deem necessary.

Starting earlier this week, customers of Verizon's lower-cost service were reporting unauthorized charges from Visible on their PayPals or credit card statements, as well as emails telling them that their accounts' passwords or addresses had been changed. Some customers have been frustrated with a lack of response from the company, as it hasn't sent out emails or texts about the situation and was largely silent on social media until Wednesday, when it posted a Twitter thread.

It's not clear if Visible itself suffered a data breach, or if the attackers are using usernames and passwords obtained from other data breaches to log in - a tactic known as credential stuffing. Some Visible subscribers claim to have used randomly generated passwords for their accounts that were not used elsewhere, which would indicate Visible itself had a security breach, but it's probably still too early to tell. Visible also does not support two-factor authentication, which may have limited the damage from any security breaches.

It's hard to say what really happened, so we'll just have to wait for Visible's statement. If you're a Visible customer, it looks like there's really nothing you can do since the MVNO disabled the options to reset passwords and change the payment method.

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