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Verizon to share 'Super Cookie' data with AOL's ad network

2015-10-08 03:15 by
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A new Verizon policy raises cell phone privacy concerns. Starting next month, Verizon will start sharing data such as device information, addresses, and browsing habits it receives via "super cookies" with AOL's ad network.

According to the carrier, this is a way to "help us deliver services that are more personalized and useful to you". It also claims that those receiving the information are required to protect it and use it only for services they are providing Verizon and AOL.

"The Relevant Mobile Advertising program uses your postal and email addresses, certain information about your Verizon products and services (such as device type), and information we obtain from other companies (such as gender, age range, and interests)," Verizon said. "The separate Verizon Selects program uses this same information plus additional information about your use of Verizon services including mobile Web browsing, app and feature usage and location of your device."

"We do not share information that identifies you personally as part of these programs other than with vendors and partners who do work for us," Verizon states on its website. "We require that these vendors and partners protect the information and use it only for the services they are providing us."

The supercookies is enabled by default, but users who don't want their data to be used can opt out via their privacy choices page in MyVerizon or by calling 1-866-211-0874.

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