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Verizon partners with Boingo to solve its biggest 5G issue

2019-08-22 17:45 by
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Verizon just announced a new partnership with Boingo to expand coverage in hard to reach spots, including stadiums, offices, hotels and airports. Verizon's 5G service is ultra fast, but due to the nature of the mmWave technology it's using, service from traditional outdoor cell towers tends to vanish indoors.

To that end, the two companies are apparently working on a "hyper-dense network" for those indoor spaces, although that's all the detail Verizon's offering at this time.

Boingo previously focused on offering Wi-Fi services that can be accessed by virtually any smartphone, tablet, or laptop for set daily fees, and it has recently started to upgrade some locations to the latest Wi-Fi standard, Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax). The deal might give Verizon 5G customers an advantage when seeking faster speeds in places where Boingo service is already available, or it could just give Verizon assistance in building out its own high-speed network in venues where it previously lacked experience.

Verizon also announced that it's expanding its 5G service to the greater Phoenix area on August 23rd, making Phoenix the company's 10th 5G Ultra Wideband city. And if you live in one of those 10 cities, you might be happy to hear that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G is available in stores and online tomorrow, as well.

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