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Verizon partners with Amazon to offer satellite internet in rural areas

2021-10-26 13:59 by
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Verizon is partnering with Amazon to use the tech giant's coming satellite internet system to expand rural broadband access in the United States, the companies announced Tuesday.

Amazon and Verizon later hope to offer unified internet access for industries worldwide, including smart farms and transportation. For now, they're establishing technical requirements for rural broadband using Project Kuiper antenna tech already in development.

"There are billions of people without reliable broadband access, and no single company will close the digital divide on its own," Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said. "Verizon is a leader in wireless technology and infrastructure, and we're proud to be working together to explore bringing fast, reliable broadband to the customers and communities who need it most. We look forward to partnering with companies and organizations around the world who share this commitment."

Project Kuiper is Amazon's initiative to launch a constellation of 3,236 low earth orbit (LEO) satellites to serve households, as well as schools, businesses and other organizations in need of internet access in hard-to-reach places. Amazon has committed $10 billion to the program, which received the FCC's approval last year. Amazon has yet to launch any satellites, so delivering access for Verizon on the ground is a ways off.

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