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Verizon launches privacy-focused search engine called OneSearch

2020-01-14 18:29 by
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Verizon Media, the media and digital offshoot of telecommunications giant Verizon, has launched a "privacy-focused" search engine called OneSearch.

The service launched Tuesday with the declaration that it won't store records of what you search, create profiles of your usage or share your search data with advertisers. The search engine also gives "unbiased, unfiltered" results, Verizon said, meaning everyone sees the same results for the same search terms. Finally, OneSearch search results can "self-destruct" after a set period of time, which could be useful on shared devices.

Other privacy enhancements include encrypting your search terms and even the links you click on. They also expire within an hour (when Advanced Privacy Mode is enabled) making it even harder for anyone to track down what you've been looking at online.

According to the OneSearch privacy policy, search results will only be personalized based on location, which it will collect from IP addresses. OneSearch says that it will separate IP addresses from users and their search results.

Verizon's actual search results are provided by Microsoft's Bing, but Verizon added several privacy-focused features—while retaining the ability to serve contextual ads.

"To allow for a free search engine experience, OneSearch is an ad-supported platform," Verizon said in its announcement. "Ads will be contextual, based on factors like search keywords, not cookies or browsing history."

OneSearch is available from today on desktop and mobile web, with plans afoot to launch native mobile apps later in January. For now, OneSearch is tailored to the North American market, but Verizon said that it will localize it for other countries "soon."

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