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Verizon gets access to entire C-band licenses

2023-08-15 18:58 by
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Verizon has gained access to all the C-band spectrum assets it spent more than $45 billion to acquire and that are crucial to the carrier's 5G and network efforts.

The C-band spectrum used by mobile operators resides in the 3.7 GHz-3.98 GHz band and was initially underutilized by fixed-satellite operators. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) worked to free up that spectrum for mobile telecommunications services, which resulted in the spectrum auction that began in late 2020, and was completed in early 2021.

Verizon was able to launch its first C-band spectrum in 46 partial economic areas (PEAs) in 2022 and over the past 18 months, it's coordinated with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and aviation so that as of July 1, 2023, all of Verizon's sites are able to operate at full power without the prior restrictions around airports, according to David Wolff, director of Network Planning at Verizon.

AT&T - another big C-band operator - has so far remained silent on the topic. As for T-Mobile, the company is still waiting for FCC approvals to deploy its own new 5G spectrum holdings. The company's 2.5GHz auction winnings remain stuck in limbo amid a regulatory kerfuffle that has restricted the FCC's auction authority.

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